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The Social Media Power Trio: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Prepared by Derek DeVries for the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations.

Derek DeVries

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of The Social Media Power Trio: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

The Social Media Power Trio Facebook, Twitter
and Pinterest New @ Facebook Photo Tagging Enhanced
Paid Messaging
Sponsored Stories
Sponsored Posts
Page Post Targeting Enhanced
Graph Search Photo Tagging Enhanced Tag Brands
Tag Pages
Tag Locations http://bit.ly/ddlinkedingraph Monitor Remove How To Paid Messaging Same as InMail (Linkedin)
Pay $1 to Mssg Ppl Outside Your Network ($100 to Mssg Zuck) Monetization Sponsored Stories http://bit.ly/11H5MZT How Many Users "Hide All" Jon Loomer Find out how many followers hide all your Page posts. Page like stories
Offer claims
Likes on individual posts
Open Graph actions Sponsored Posts Paying so a post is seen by more followers 17% About EdgeRank Average Percentage of Posts Seen by a Facebook Pages' Fans The algorithm that determines what posts are seen by Facebook users (like PageRank in Google) More Expensive = Higher Reach Sponsored Stories Sponsored Posts Less Expensive = Better Quality Enhanced Page Post Targeting Now target by: Age
Interested In
Relationship Status
Education College Grad: College Name, Major
In College: College Name, Major, Years
In High School
Workplace Graph Search New @ Twitter Advertising
Enhanced Functionality
Personalized Recommendations
Lockdown Advertising Promoted Tweets
Promoted Accounts
Negative Keyword Targeting About $1/Follower About $1/Click About $120k/Day Features Previewing Links
Photo Sharing w/ Filters
Enhanced Profiles Previewing Content in Tweets Photo Sharing & Filters *cough*instagram*cough* Enhanced Profiles Ca$htag$ Personalized Tailored Trends
Email Digest (Summify)
Follower Recommendations Recommendations *Make Sure to Specify No Substitute for Real Engagement 1) Monitor
2) Publish
3) Engage [Idea created by StockTwits just as Hashtag was created by Twitter users] Lockdown Instagram
RSS/Atom Create Each Ad as a Campaign Quirk in FB
Some Ads Within Campaigns Are Deactivated
Even Editing Ad Will Not Cause it to be Seen Create Each Ad as a "Campaign" POLL Is your organization using Pinterest? POLL Is your organization using Facebook Ads? POLL Is your organization using Twitter Ads? POLL Where does the responsibility for social media lie in your organization? POLL Does your department offer training for employees on social media? Derek DeVries derekdevries.org
devriescomm@gmail.com Pinterest for Biz
Easier Sharing
Accelerating Commerce New @ Pinterest The Basics "Dream Board"
Curate Albums
Link to/Upload Content
Participatory/Social Case Studies Peugeot Mechanics of Pinning Discouraging Spam / Blatant Marketing
Algorithms Evolving
Links Blocked: Blocked: Affiliate Links
URL Shortened Links
URL Context Info [Like Google URL Builder] [Like Bit.ly, Ow.ly] [Credit for Driving Sales] Tools Shareaholic for Pinterest (Chrome) *or* Pinterest Right Click (Firefox) Schedule Pins
Upload in Bulk
Analytics Stats
Trending Ideas for CCs Wallpapers
For the Media
Merch / Apparel
Dean's List
Prep for School
Where to Eat Out and About
Notable Alumni
User-Generated (and use)
Historic / Archival [Pingraphy, Browser Add-ons, Repinly, Pinreach] Texas A&M Panera Bread Perfect Palette
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