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marketing plan

No description

Irma Irfan

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of marketing plan

By: Irma Irfan, Hamza Syed, Rita Qiao, Masataka Kamiosako, Gary Camacho, and Peter Zhang The Country Kitchen Marketing Plan Problems... Objectives Strategies Price: Brand awareness
No marketing effort
Economic conditions
Does not have a specified target market
Competitors gaining market share 1.Establish a Facebook fan page with the ability to attract clients resulting to 600 likes by March 31st, 2014.

2.Grow our LinkedIn group to 500 connections by the end of the year.

3.Our target by March 31 2014 is to have 35% of sales revenue coming from new clients.

4.Our target by March 31 2014 is to increase the amount of loyal customers by 30%. Strategy1

Member Ship Program

LinkedIn page

Facebook page

prestigious Food Festival

Toronto Business Times

Direct Mail Frequency Shopper Program
membership program points card stamp Strategy 2

Discount program for new clients and orders of dishes ordered more than 60 times per order

LinkedIn page

Facebook Page

Complimentary Products

Testimonial Page

Advertisements on YouTube and Facebook

Affiliate Marketing Segment & Positioning Target segment = 3943 companies within the GTA with up to 50 employees and revenue falling under 5 million annually
The Country Kitchen will position itself as a company who gives the best return for the money while making no compromises on the quality of the products and services. The clients should be able to picture The Country Kitchen as a reliable and consistent option for their catering needs. Product: Traditional Country Kitchen Menu especially their corporate Menu Promotion: Facebook Visuals
Taste of Lawrence international Food and Cultural Festival
Toronto Business Times Distribution: Direct Mail Advantages of Strategy 1 •Social media used for promotions ensuring low to no costs.
•Toronto Business Times for good potential of recognition and brand awareness.
•Going to Food Festivals and showing their presence leading to increased brand awareness. Sales Forecast Recommended Strategy 1 Scheduling Budget Metrics Conclusion Cost of Implementation is low
Falls within the budget
Easy to follow and carry on without any complications
The right mediums used keeping in mind the growing presence of social media Facebook: Volume, Reach, Engagement, Likes LinkedIn: # of connections, New connections, Profile views New Clinets: Check revenue figures that the company generated quarterly Loyal Customers: Point card system, Repetitive purchases, Surveys Graphs Google Trend
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