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question 2

No description

jade brown

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of question 2

how does your media product present particular social groups?? MY MEDIA PROUCT SHOWS THE SOCIAL GROUP OF 'MOSHERS' 'EMOS' 'GRUNGERS' BY USING THE COLOURS, FONTS, AND IMAGES THEY PREFERRED AND I THOUGHT THAT REPRESENTED THEM WELL. these are the three most popular colours that came up on my questionairre because they were most popular i decided it would be a good idea to use them in my magazine also its stereotypical that people who listen to rock music like dark colours . so these colours are good at represent this certain social group in my main images i used the band members wearing other band t-shirts as a lot of people in this social group wear band merchandise. this meaniing this social group can be represented through showing others what kind of music they like on my questionnaire i asked what are your favourite bands and genres in the rock scene i then included them on to my front cover or my contents page. A lot of different genres of rock came up in the lists e.g screamo, post hardcore, metal, punk. pop punk and alternative. by using those different types of rock genres you can represent more people within the social group. i also represent the social group by using images of live music shows and making references to them as a lot of people who listen to rock music go to live shows to see there favorite bands
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