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7-Eleven in Taiwan

No description

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of 7-Eleven in Taiwan

7-Eleven in Taiwan

Michael Lewis
Kuan Yu Chen
Qiwei Xie
Yuming Li

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Mission and Vision
At 7-Eleven, our purpose and mission is to make life a little easier for our guests by being where they need us, whenever they need us.
With our passion and determination, PCSC aims to provide holistic convenience services and help consumers lead new lifestyles of high quality.
“Whatever bothers our customers is our business opportunity.”
External & Internal analysis
PESTEL Analysis

Political Factors – Taiwan has a stable government.
Economic Conditions – 70% of GDP has come from expanding exports of electronics and machinery.
Sociocultural Forces – the large dense population provides the ideal target market.
Technological Factors – With advancing technology there is an opportunity for innovation.
Environmental Forces – Exports and Imports traveling by ships.
Legal Factors – Taiwan goes green and is ready for business.
Evaluation & measurement
Financial Performance Analysis-Ratio
What's coming next?
SWOT & Strategic alternatives
Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
Strategic Group Mapping
How likely would you shop at the Virtual Shop?

What do you like or not like about the Virtual Shop?

Performance Analysis
50% of market shares
Over 4,700 in Taiwan
Higher ability to generate profit on sales than its competitor
Higher profitability of its asset
But use their asset not efficient as its competitors

Virtual grocery stores in locations like subway/metro stations
Take the opportunity to eliminate one of their weaknesses
How does it work?
Gasoline station just like the 7-Eleven in US

Improve the human resource management, decrease employee turnover

Sales activity or reward program

Online selling
More technology used
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