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Information Networks

No description

Nashrawan Tahat

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of Information Networks

Information Networks

Networks are Everywhere...

Give an Example!
Computer Networks
Internet: the computer data network; the vertices are computers and the edges are are physical data connections between them (fiber cables- telephone lines)

Why to study the network of the Internet?
Social Networks
people and relationships (connections)

friendship- business- work

data collection involves (questionnaire and direct observations)
Networks in Biology
Neural Networks: networks of connections between neurons in the brain.

food web- directed network

Topic 5
What is a Network
Networks are collections of points joined together by lines (Newman, 2010).

points = are referred as vertices or nodes
lines are referred to as edges

The pattern of connections can be presented as a network

The structure of the network (pattern) will have an impact on its components.

: Internet- how the routes that the data take over the network
Social Network- how people learn

Some information could be attached to Network edges and vertices such as name and strength
Network Analysis Tools
tools that use some calculations to tell you something about the network. ex. Social Network Analysis (UCinet)

issue for discussing

The Web as a network
the concept directed

Network visualization
Network Measures
Centrality- degree centrality
in-degree and out- degree

Geodesic distance

small world effect
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