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The Danger Box By: Blue Balliett

Explaining The Danger Box

Michelle Ladd

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of The Danger Box By: Blue Balliett

Zoomys feelings are sad and happy because he is sad when the store burnt down, and he is happy when he met a new friend name Lorrol.

The Main Characters in our book are Zoomy, Buckeye, Grandma, Grandpa, and Lorrol.
The setting of the book is at grandpas shop when Zoomy was talking to Grandpa in front of the horseshoes

Zoomys character trait is shy because he does not have many friends. He has black hair and glasses.
Zoomy struggles when he can't see far because he has special needs. He also

struggles with meeting different kids.
Zoomys actions are discovering Charles Darwins notebook and hiding the mysterious danger box with the blanket in it.
Zoomys main problem was having trouble trying to hide the danger box because Buckeye wanted
to take the danger box.
The problem is solved when Zoomy hides the danger box in the tool shed. Then, Zoomy falls asleep in the tool shed.
Our favorite part of the book is when grandpas store burnt down at night. This was are favorite part because this part excites us and because the book is about mysteries and this book was very mysterious.
We would recommend this book because it has lots of mystery's in the book. Because we read the book and enjoyed the mystery's.
Recommendation About The Danger Box
Author's Message
The authors message was trying to say that Zoomy has special needs. The author was trying to make this message because, you should always be nice to someone even if they have special needs.
Zoomy views the world as a big blur because he has special needs and can not see too well.
He's nice and honest but he can not see.
So he only feels comfortable talking to his good friend Lorrol.
Zoomy did not have friends
at the beginning, but now he
has Lorrol as a friend.
They say that Zoomy is weird
because he has special needs and he sees things all blurry.
Zoomy is shy because he never
talks to anyone and is always
quiet. He keeps trying to find out who stole the danger box.
He feels left out and he only has
one friend named Lorrol.
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