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No description

jenny rita

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Rebornica

Who's Rebornica?
Rebornica is an Tumblr user. They do not go by the he/she pronouns because Rebornica is a Agender. Rebornica is an inspirational artist. They were abused for 9 years straight. Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally. They had had their drawings crumpled and thrown out. Rebornica is extreamly sensitive to self-harm and will do anything to stop anyone from suiciding. Rebornica has a whole section on their blg to stop self harm and deppression, because they know how it feels. WE WILL TEST AT THE END!!
Aus? What are those?
AU stands for Alternative Universe, Rebornica has multiple amounts of AUs. Lets go through them all Folks!
Pilot AU
Testing Time!!
ITS TEST TIME!!! Well lets do this! lets see if you were listening! Lets Begin!
Whats Agender?
As quoted by the Gender Wiki:

Being asexual is not a requirement of agender people, as gender identity and sexuality are unrelated. Agender people sometimes use singular 'they' pronouns as well as a number of other gender-neutral pronoun groupings, instead of he/she, to alleviate social dysphoria.
By far one of the most popular AUs Rebornica has made. They stopped this AU after how much hate it got and how much Rebornica couldn't take it. The FNAF AU is still going on just under another user, By the name of Cameron/Cam's watch
That is the user who is the continuation of the FNAF AU Go follow him on tumblr!!
Mythology AU
One of Rebornica's many AU's but in this one all the FNAF characters are mythology creatures.
Vincent/Purple Man: Naga
Phone Guy/Scott: Messenger
What is a Naga?:(in Indian mythology) a member of a semi divine race, part human and part cobra in form, associated with water and sometimes with mystical initiation.
Fawn:The faun is a half human–half goat (from the head to the waist being human, but with the addition of goat horns)
Gargoyle:A grotesque carved human or animal face or figure projecting from the gutter, especially of Gothic buildings, used as a spout to carry water clear of a wall. The word Gargoyle is derived from an old French word gargouille, meaning throat.
Whats the Pilot AU? Well the Pilot AU is great little thing. Its not a really a FNAF AU but an Webcomic Rebornica is currently working on. The characters in this AU are Pilot, an robot who was based off of a father who died in a bad plane crash. The Family members made Pilot to replace him but he became more than that.Pilot loves dogs! Pilot's favorite type of dog is a Golden retriever.He is deathly afraid of water and/or anything related water. Vendetta is a butler for Miss Mahogany. Whenever Miss Mahogany orders something including to hurt another robot or human, Vendetta has no other choice than to follow orders. E.N.D.O is a navigation system when he is plugged into any plane will navigate to where they need to go. Miss Mahogany is Bryan's (FNAF 1/2 the owner of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in FNAF AU)Daughter, but in the Pilot AU she is a very fancy/rich lady by the name of Miss Mahogany, nothing else.
The Meme team
The Meme Team is a a team of Rebornica's friends who keep the world normal with MEMES! Members of the Meme Team is:
-Mr. Kenyon -Klone
-Mrs. Kenyon -Nifaux
-Cam -Capn' of Illuminati
-Skill -Craig Papa
Remember these people I'm testing :D
Number 1
Who is the Meme Team?
A. the team of Memes
C.Mr. Kenyon,Klone,Mrs. Kenyon ,Nifaux,Capn' of Illuminati,Skill,Craig Papa
D. Cam,Mr. Kenyon, Klone,Rebornica,Mrs. Kenyon, Nifaux,Skill,Craig Papa, Capn' Of Illuminati
E. A team called the meme team

Does Rebornica Have a Dog?
C. Whats a Dog?
D.No They had a cat
E. They have a bird
F. All of the above
Who is Rebornica's Senpai
A. Me
B. The person presenting
C. My mom
D. Whats a Senpai?
A senpai is someone you look up to
F. The Meme Team
Last one!
Is Rebornica a boy or a girl?
A. Agender
B. Male
C. Female
D.None of the above
1. D
2. B
3. E
Thanks For Listening
Hope you enjoyed! Woo hoo! f you got
Them Right good job! Have a nice day!
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