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Woman Hollering Creek

No description

Megan Martin

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of Woman Hollering Creek

In “Woman Hollering Creek”, Sandra Cisneros uses characterization, conflict, and irony to portray the idea that love cannot be built on passion, but built on communication and the connection that one has for the other.
“But what Cleofilas has been waiting for, has been whispering and sighing and giggling for, has been anticipating since she was old enough to lean against the window displays of gauze and butterflies and lace is passion” (220).
she has this false perception
to suffer for love is good
does not understand the qualities of a healthy relationship
“No. Her imagination. The house the same as always. Nothing. Coming home from the hospital with her new son, her husband. Something comforting in discovering her house slippers beneath the bed…” (224).
Juan Pedro is not faithful
treats the marriage as a business transaction
he doesn't have any dialogue
When creating relationships, get to know the person by talking to them and building the bond together.
“He had thrown a book. Hers. From across the room. A hot welt across the cheek. She could forgive that. But what stung more was the fact it was her book, a lover story by Colin Tellado” (225).
she romanticizes the thought of love, but there is no love in the relationship
she doesn't love herself
Passion Does Not Mean Love: Woman Hollering Creek
Megan Martin
Life is like a television show right?
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