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Colleen Keesey

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

SWOT Analysis Develop a brand that ... Evaluation Strategies & Tactics Target Audience Social Media Suggestions Consolidate twitter & Facebook feeds

More engaging content

Continue efforts to bring continuity to online presence unites all environmental groups on campus
creates a clear identity for the IUOS
relates to students and faculty
is transferable to all multiple media platforms
integrates sustainability into student culture
is consistently executed Indiana University
Office of Sustainability
Branding Build consensus on an identity that test wells with...
IUOS interns
student population.

Increase the percentage of students, staff & faculty who recognize IUOS initiatives IU students, staff & faculty

particularly freshmen and students living in residence halls. Key Message
Being sustainable can benefit your life and those around you:

You are no longer a passive member of society
You are getting outside and living a healthier lifestyle
You have a sense of purpose

If you live a sustainable lifestyle, IU will be here for years to come. James Gross, Ali Parish
& Colleen Keesey STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES THREATS IUOS vested interest in branding

IUOS dedication to sustainability

Wealth of resources

Existing infrastructure

IU affiliation gives automatic brand equity Lack of unified direction

Scattered communications

Zero continuity in initiatives Blank canvas

Capitalize on existing resources

Data shows millennial generation is open to being sustainable

Make a lasting impact on IU's campus Lack of consensus

Lack of a coalition amongst campus groups

Apathy toward sustainability Create a logo and name that give IUOS an identity

This will build continuity Build Brand Equity Build Social Equity Develop an initiative

Working with IUOS to develop a realistic long term goal

This goal will be promoted through various web-based outlets. Budget Branding IUOS will not cost anything.

However, promoting the new brand may require a budget.

We would like to keep open a negotiable budget in order to implement the branding strategies. Survey IU population at beginning and end of the semester

Measure the online presence of IUOS on both social media sites and traditional website.

Measure engagement in future initiatives in comparison to 2012 black out initiative. Measure Recognition Timeline Develop a name
respond to feedback from initial plan Feb. 22 Mar. 21 Survey the name with IUOS interns & student body Create an initiative Mar. 1 Develop logo
present entire
to IUOS interns April 11 Take into account any
make final alterations April 23 Agree on an
overall brand
identity May 1 Thank you for your time Questions?
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