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Ihascupquake: autobiography-ish

No description

claudia castillo

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of Ihascupquake: autobiography-ish

Who is Ihascupquake?
Work experience
Why cupquake interests me
Tiffany Michelle Garcia also know as Ihascupquake or Quake, is a famous youtuber. Her main channel is Ihascupquake it focuses on gaming and nerdy diys and baking. Her second channel, TiffyQuake, is more girly and focuses on giving advice to girls from make-up to life lessons.
Cupquake works at home making an income from youtube videos. She used to work for a company called Machinima but now she has her own company, Ihascuquake.
Not only does Cupquake play minecraft but she also gives advice while doing it. She helps you get through things using her personal experiences. If your having a bad day you can just watch one of your videos and it will put a smile on your face.
Link and Navi are in the quake family too!
Tiffany and her husband Red (Mario)
how Cupquake inspired me?
she taught me to be myself and not to let other people let me down. When she was little, Tiffany realized not everybody in the world was nice. The way she dealt with that was what inspired me the most. She quoted on her draw my life, "I was taught to be nice to everyone because you don't know what they could be going through."
Cupquake has opened other youtube accounts over the years. She now has 5 accounts.
Cupquake lives in L.A.
Cupquake was once on wipeout.
Cupquake has a love of drawing.
Cupquake met her husband on MySpace and they were together for a long time until they got married.
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