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Taxi management system presentation

No description

Ehab Mohammed

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Taxi management system presentation

Brief Description
It is a mobile application that enables public customers to find their nearest taxi in the same place of them and of course enables taxi drivers to find their nearest customers in the same place too in easily way by management system (web based) which will take the full management between the customers and taxi drivers.
Expected Outcomes
1- Mobile app with the customers that enables them to find their nearest taxi.

2- Special device for taxi drivers that enables them to find their nearest customers.

3- Web site for management between the customers and the drivers, the website will be managed by an organization.

Available Resources
1- Human resources:
A) Team Members.
B) Project Supervisor.

2- Another resources:
A) Internet.
B) Papers and researches.

Required Resources
Both Hardware and software resources.
Hardware includes the Device in the taxi which enables the driver to see the near customers throw a map.
And mobile app which has the ability to show the customers to see their near taxi drivers throw a map.
And the software which has the ability to management between the customers and the drivers (Web site).

Skills Required
(1) Has a basic knowledge of C # Windows Phone OR Android.

(2) PHP OR Asp.NET

(3) Having a knowledge of GPS ,Mobile phone tracking,….etc.

(4) Other

system Functions
Receive users/drivers data to join system to be contacted with the system.

*monitor users/drivers place through a map:
System can see all (taxi drivers/users) which are in service through a map, since they become online.

*Receiving taxi driver delivering confirmation message:
After delivering the user to his destination taxi driver send a confirmation message to the system.

*Receiving (taxi driver / user) feedback (optional):
(Taxi driver / user) can send feedback.

*Improvement service using feedback:
After receiving feedbacks from (user / taxi driver), System can terminate each bad user or taxi driver.

Done !
Taxi Management System
CH 1 : introduction

CH 2: Design

CH 3: Analysis
*Send confirmation message to user:
After receiving user request, system send confirmation message to user contain a few details:
A) The price of fare.
B) The time which taxi will deliver in it.
C) The number of the taxi to follow it.
D) The driver name and phone number.
E) License Plate of the taxi.

*Assigning a nearby taxi driver:
After receiving confirmation message from the user and knowing the place of the user,
System send message to the nearest taxi for the selected user which contains a few details:
A) The destination place of the user.
B) The price of fare.
C) The user name and phone number.

System Users
Users that can use this system:

1- Admin:

- Monitor the user/driver place through a map.
- Receive request order from user.
- Send confirmation message to user.
- Receive confirmation/deny message from user.
- Send request to driver.
- Receive taxi driver delivering confirmation message.
- Receive feedback from user/driver.

2- Customer:
- Register in the system.
- Log in or log out the system.
- Send request message to the system.
- Receive confirmation message from the system.
- Send confirmation/deny message to system.
- Monitor the driver place through a map.
- Send feedback to system.

3- Driver:

- Log in or log out the system.
- Receive request message from system.
- monitor the user place through a map.
- Send taxi driver delivering confirmation message.
- Send feedback to system.

Why Taxi Management
system app?!
Taxi management system app features:

Don’t waste your time waiting cabs under the hot sun or in the rain.

Find taxis easily with a push of the button in the app and don’t be late anymore.

We thoroughly monitor each driver to ensure that they qualified for
This app and they have the skills and ability to achieve all app goals.
Our Taxi app allows you to see driver’s identity and car.
And if you lost an item you can Retrieve your item by informing
the system and never worry about safety anymore!

Taxi Management system app is free to download and No extra charges

Excellent service:
The support team will contact your taxi driver to ensure timely arrival.
Should any disruption occur rest assured we don’t leave you on your own.

Tools used in the project
1- Microsoft office (Word and PowerPoint).
2- Prezi for presentation.
3- Trello for Tasks.
4- Microsoft Project Management Professional.
5- Eclipse, Visual Studio, Photoshop, Dreamweaver.
6- PHP Programming ( HTML&HTML5,CSS&CSS3,JavaScript,JQuery,MVC, Codeigniter)
7- Android (Java).

Mobile App
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