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Copy of Airworthiness

No description

anastasia messmore

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Airworthiness

Airworthiness & MELs
Soon you will be a licensed pilot! You will want to take friends and family flying, how will you ensure the aircraft you will be flying is airworthy? How will you protect your newly earned certificate?
Pilot Documents:
Govt. Issued ID
Pilot Cert
Aircraft Documents:
What if something is broken?!
Minimum Equipment Lists
List of equipment that must be installed and operative to consider the aircraft airworthy
1. Letter of Authorization
You are authorized to use Procedures Document
2. Preamble
How to use the MMEL
3. Procedures Document
What you must use to defer inop equipment
4. Master MEL
Document the procedures document is based off of
LOA + Preamble + Procedures Doc+ MMEL = STC
O vs. M (Level 1 vs. Level 2)

Without an MEL, use 91.213
Check the following:
VFR Day Type Certificate
Kinds of Operations (POH Sect. 2)
Airworthiness Directive (ADs)
Final step is PIC decision
Either remove it and mx must update equipment list and W&B
Placard and deactivate, must be repaired at next inspection

FAR 91.3
FAR 91.7
FAR 91.3
(A) PIC is directly responsible for and is the final authority as to the operations of that aircraft
(B) An inflight emergency allows the pilot to deviate from any rule to meet the needs of that emergency
(C) PIC who does deviate from a rule, shall upon request of the administrator (FAA, Controlling Agency) send a written report of that deviation.
FAR 91.7
(A) No person may operate an aircraft unless it is airworthy
(B) PIC is responsible for determining whether that aircraft is in an airworthy condition for safe flight. The PIC should discontinue flight if an unairworthy condition occurs
GPS Manual
Must be tail # specific
Must have 4 components
Orange= NO MEL
Airworthiness Certificate
Must be visible to crew/passengers
Remains valid as long as the aircraft meets its approved type design, is in a condition for safe flight and maintenance is kept up with
**Expires Every 3 years**
In ND paid to ND Aeronautics Commission
Must pay yearly (Jan. 1st)
In aircraft book
Radio License
Required for international flying
Operating Limitations
Sect. 2 POH, Tail number specific
Weight and Balance
Current, updated by mx
Section 6 POH
Mandatory Inspections
12 Calendar months
"Calendar"= Inspection completed 12/15/12, the next annual must be done by 12/31/13
Can opt for "Progressive Inspection" instead
Done here at UND
3 Phases
ADs are legally enforceable and MUST be complied with
Every 30 days
100 hr
If for hire
Altimeter/Pitot Static
24 Calendar months
24 Calendar months
12 months
Battery replaced after 1hr cumulative use or half the useful life
Inop item is not in the MEL you must fill out discrepancy sheet and you cannot fly
Ferry Permit
Get it from FSDO to fly a legally unairworthy aircraft to have mx done or out of danger
Airworthiness certificate form
An annual inspection CAN take the place of a 100 hour but NOT vice versa
The aircraft can be overflown beyond the 100 hours IF you are on your way to have the inspection done
Time must be deducted, if you fly 105 hours (extra 5 hours to home base), the next 100 hour must be done in 95 hours
MX records should be kept for 1 or until repeated or superseded (91.417)
Can defer it per MEL:
Placard book and inop equipment in aircraft
Deactivate inoperative equipment
Cannot defer it:
M item
Not in MEL (required for flight)
M item, ONLY write up the discrepancy (top half of sheet) or call mx and have them fill out entire sheet
You cannot fly

Next semester (if you are flying with your temporary certificate) on your 221 solo XC's, you find something that is inoperative that you CAN defer. On the certificate number line you should write "Pending". Never hesitate to call MX if you are unsure!
Filling out Aircraft Discrepancy Sheet:
Write legibly!
Print where it says print
Sign where it says sign
N# means N510ND, full tail number
Provide a detailed discrepancy
If deferring it, use the correct Ref. # and write the inoperative item EXACTLY how it is written in the Procedures Document
As a student pilot for the Certificate # include letters: GG-1234567

On preflight you find that the Pitot Heat is inoperative. Today is VFR, no known or forecast icing.
O or M?
Can you defer it?
During preflight, your instructor asks you to check the ELT and you find it inoperative?
O or M?
Can YOU defer it?
What will you do?
Things to remember:
Required Pilot Documents
4 components of an MEL
Using Procedures Doc and NOT the MMEL
Steps to take without an MEL

Required Equipment FAR 91.205:
Oil Pressure
Manifold Pressure gauge
Temperture auge (liquid cooled engine)
Oil Temperature gauge
Fuel gauge each tank
Llanding gear position indicator
Airspeed Indicator
Magnetic Compass
ELT/Emergency equipment (water)
Safety belts/shoulder harnesses

Landing Light (for hire)
Anti-collision light (beacon/strobes)
Position Lights (Nav lights)
Source of Electricity (battery, generator, alternator)
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