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What brands of bubble gum produce the biggest bubbles?

No description

Maria Redekop

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of What brands of bubble gum produce the biggest bubbles?

What brands of bubble gum produce the biggest bubbles?
By Maria and Lana
Types of gum
We are going to use :
Hubba Babba,

Dubble Bubble,

Bubble Yum


The basic ingredients of bubble gum are gum base, sweeteners, flavors, softeners, and colours.

Manipulate variable- the differnet types of bubble gum we are using.

Controll variable- the amount of time the gum is chewed.

Responding variable- we will find out later.

We think that
with Dubble
Bubble we
will blow the
biggest bubbles.
what do you think

1. Chew one piece of gum for one minute
2. Blow a bubble as large as possible.
3. Maesure the size of the bubble using a caliper.
4. Record the measurment of the bubble.
5. Repeat steps from 1-5 for each brand of bubble gum
7. Find the average size of bubble for each brand of gum.

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