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GitFlow - Git Workflow Model

Quick intro to GitFlow model

Tomasz Chodakowski

on 24 August 2015

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Transcript of GitFlow - Git Workflow Model

GitFlow - Git Branching Model
Git can be confusing
GitFlow - a branching model and an extension on top of git

taking advantage of low cost branch operation in git
"git flow init"
main development happens here

features branch off and get merged in
releases branch off from it
production ready, each change is a new release

releases get merged in
hotfixes branch off from it and get merged back in
development of major features

exists only for the purpose of feature development
branch off and merge into develop
typically only in developer repo
"git flow feature start ftr1"
"git flow feature finish ftr1"
preparing for a release

feature freeze, only minor bugfixes
branch off develop and merge into develop and master
"git flow release start 1.1.0"
"git flow release finish 1.1.0"
quick bug fixes to master branch

short lived, most pressing bugs fixed here
branch off master and merge into develop and master
creates new release
"git flow hotfix start 1.0.1"
"git flow hotfix finish 1.0.1"
What next?

Integration with the rest of infrastructure:
IDE, Build System, CI, Issue Tracking...

Beyond code

Could similar mechanism be applied in data science settings:
datasets, data catalogues, machine learning models and analytical reports

"To keep your sandbox tidy, always remember to fetch with --prune.

Why is it not the default? Because that is not git’s way."

found on google under
git koans
What`s left

Branch publishing
Support branches
More subtle details

Adds structure and simplifies interaction...




semantic verisoning
Tomasz Chodakowski
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