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CCC - Stanford

We mashing up a global team

Jaqueline Silva

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of CCC - Stanford

A global team merging...
CCC - What do we have in common? The teams were not working As the path is never alone
and meeting and knowing
something about others is a challenge... And slowly we found each other....

Phil was the first - we liked connecting quickly on
FB and email and he was answering quite fast!!
She was passionate about social media
She was on a different time zone and so were we
She also liked to connect on FB and answered all the emails

So the 3rd member was IN Than Amna came along So he was IN
We wanted to join us, he liked FB as much as we did
He answered right away and we mashed up another
teammate wanting to talk about entrepreneurship and social media

And Clover was still on a different timezone We was quick connecting....
He wanted to be a part of the team and that was enough...
And Clover was the last one to join... What we learned about each other and
found out, is that we want to work together... Economics
Blogging – Communication-Networking ? ? ? ? ? Jackie Phil http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IcIkeyxUa0w Many a traveller sets off believing that he will do it alone with no need to call upon others. But for most the journey becomes something entirely different as the traveller meets new friends, learns more about and calls upon the support of others to avoid and conquer the pitfalls along the way.

It could be a lonely life, shutting ourselves away for hours with our notebook of choice, whether paper or electronic. We could while away the days telling our tales to no-one, trusting our own judgement as we finally produce the epic we’ve carefully extracted from our heads. But what then?

Adapted from “Surfing the Network” 9 May 2011 ASSIGNMENT 1: CCC Stanford – Finding the Team…Sharing
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