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Cathy San Diego

on 12 November 2015

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Features Section
News Section
Sports Section
always the first section of the newspaper
the front page news from the local community, state, national & international events
the rest of this section offers both national & international events
there is also another section for stories from around the region or city
a news story usually includes a hook or a lead -- the first sentences of the article
the lead states the most important details of the event -- who,what, where, when, why and how
objective with fact
uses active voice
critical information in early paragraphs & follow with supporting, background, and, related information
covers the latest in local, regional and international competitions

it also covers high school and college games but only seasonal

about people and the event that bring these people together- captures the challenge & rivalry (makes it more exciting for people to read - captures the true essence), business and promotion ( new contracts between players and teams, etc) & the ethics and sportsmanship of teams & individuals

observes, interviews, records & analyzes the statistics and writes on deadline (people need to be informed of this ASAP- cannot be 1 week after the actual game)
enters the realm of pain, perseverance and possibility

organized by subject and each page is bannered

seasonal sports are highlighted each day and the scores are listed separately
Grade 10-A
Thursday, July 9, 2015
Vol I, No. 1
Front Page
Entertainment Section
features human interest stories
- a feature story that discusses and presents people & their problems, concerns, or achievements in an interactive way that brings about interest or sympathy in the reader or viewer

diverse topics as food, fashion, the arts, trends, music, films, television, gaming, other activities for entertainment & a variety of other interests are likely to appear in the entertainment section

comic strips, cartoons, games, puzzles, advice columns & daily horoscopes will usually be included in this section
section of the newspaper allotted for classified advertising

here, people place their advertisements (e.g. services, merchandise for sale, job openings, real estate, etc)

also allotted for public announcements
contains information on banking, foreign exchange rates, and imports & exports
provides ideas about :
> budgeting
> food preservation
> improvement of house
> proper plant care
- prevalent in the New York daily newspapers since 1880
- used to be called the "women's pages"

contains news about society
- those who have influence in the community
- large events
- charities
shows the local, national, or international tourist spots people can go to

for weekly newspapers
- events & festivals (to invite people)
- weekend getaways
- newest built museums

during the summer:
- holiday packages or hotels that are fit for one's class
- fare fees to show discounts, packages and many more
reports recent deaths
> typically along with an account of the person's life and information about the upcoming funeral

a necrology is a register or list of records of the deaths of people related to a particular organization, group or field, which may only contain the sparest details, or small orbituaries

includes announcement of births, engagements, weddings, landmark birthdays and anniversaries
Photojournalism is a unique and powerful form of visual storytelling originally created for print magazines and newspaper

it works on multiple levels, from covering breaking news & wars, to forming visual narratives and feature stories that help to illuminate and clarify the issues of our time with a depth & perspective that few other mediums can achieve

the universal nature of photography & the ability to capture time and freeze it in a way the mind remembers is a searing & unique quality of this medium

It can also work as an agent of change, often outside of its role in mainstream media. The tradition harks back to its earliest days & it confirms its roots in advocacy & the documentary tradition. When practiced in long form, in depth, personal storytelling, photojournalism expands the aesthetics of visual reporting, justifies its grand intentions of enlightenment and contributes to our deeper understanding of the world
The opinion of the editor or editorial board of a newspaper will often appear in an official statement from the editor/s called an editorial
Editorials are a newspaper's official stance on specific issues and can cover politics as well as social or cultural issues
Editorial boards will often endorse candidates in upcoming elections, and reading the editorials from various newspapers on the same topic can give the researcher a good sense of the general political leaning of a particular source
Editorials are usually separated from news reporting so that readers can know when they are reading a factual new report that tries to be objective and when they are reading the opinion of the editors of the newspaper
Whose opinion is this?
>Is the opinion in this part of the newspaper that of the editorial staff, of a local columnist or cartoonist, of a syndicated columnist or cartoonist, or of someone else? What do you know about the person or people whose opinions are expressed? It can sometimes be helpful to read several opinion pieces from the same source to get a sense of the individual or editorial board's views on a number of issues so you can start to identify common themes.
How does the writer make his or her point?
>Writers and cartoonists can present their opinions in a variety of ways, using logic, humor, appeals to emotion, or other rhetorical devices to present their ideas. They may draw parallels between current events and history or try to use metaphors to make a particular point. They may present specific pieces of evidence (quotations, statistics, historical details, etc.) that support their main arguments. Try to figure out not just what the opinion writer was trying to say, but also how he or she said it and why he or she might have chosen to say it in that way
political cartoon

contains a political or social message of current events (or personalities)

contains biased and opinionated portrayals of people and events

to be effective with the editorial cartoon, it has to:
> deal with a singular idea
> humorous
> exert influence on the reader
> realistic
> entertain the reader
Editors: #1 Andrea Atendido, #3 Amparo Carolina Bayot, #5 Karina Espineli, #7 Julia Rocio Gatdula, #9 Mary Martina Olivarez, #11 Karen Racelis, #13 Catherine San Diego, #15 Joey Sarmiento, #17 Maria Cecilia Valdez
Opinion Section
The Classifieds
Business and Finance Section
Home and Culture Section
Society Page
Travel and Tourism Section
Editorial Cartoons
Announcements and Obituary Page

shows the highlights of the day or week

headlines- the most important stories written in the news

> the titles of the stories on the front page are given big fonts to get the attention of the audience or to affect the audience's response to news (making it more shocking)

news featured on the front page are summaries or teasers of the story

What is the importance of the front page?
> it gives the audience interest in what they're about to read
provide readers with a written analysis of a certain topic

intended to serve readers with the writer's interpretation of a story, unlike news stories, which simply provide facts

appear in several different forms
Sources: http://openhighschoolcourses.org/mod/book/tool/print/index.php?id=924

Site: Mountain Heights Academy OpenCourseWare
Course: Current Issues Q1*
Book: READ: Parts of a Newspaper

http://mediasmarts.ca/sites/mediasmarts/files/pdfs/lesson-plan/Lesson_Newspaper_Front Page.pdf
http:// homeworktips.about.com/od/paperassignments/a/How-To-Write-A-News-Article.htm

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