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Golden Rule Poster

No description

Antonio Favato

on 16 May 2017

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Transcript of Golden Rule Poster

Golden Rule Poster:
Antonio Favato

The Golden Rule
This concept is found in various religions, and they all are, in short, a rule to follow throughout life that creates a way of life.
Jesus Christ
Jesus is believed to be the son of God in some religions. He taught this rule to the people in his time and it has been remembered over the many years he has been dead.
How to follow
This rule is somewhat simple to follow. In reality all you have to do is two things, in a world where everyone followed the rule.
Well that's it
That's the basic idea of the golden rule, and although worded significantly differently throughout the different versions, the basic principle is to live life and find peace and happiness.
What is this rule
The rule in the most simple form is "Treat others as you would have others treat you."
Who taught this rule
Throughout the many religions that use this rule, the easiest way to understand where it came from, is originally from the creator himself. But it was not directly taught to mankind through God.
Step 1
Do your best to make others happy.
Step 2
Accept happiness from others.
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