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Elements of Literature Vocab

No description

Kaya B

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Elements of Literature Vocab

Elements of

By Kaya Borlase
Setting is the when and where of a story.
This is a news report of Cars 2 describing the setting of the upcoming race
Author's Purpose
Point of View
Plot is the events that take you through a story.
Rapunzel is telling the events of her morning each day.
The theme is the lesson of a story
Pumba and Timon's theme in Lion King is Hakuna Matata, or no worries.
Irony is when something happens that you did not expect.
It is ironic that this restaurant has the name "Snuggly Duckling" but is really full of creepy looking men
A hyperbole is an extreme exaggeration
Master Shifu is exaggerating that the day was the worst day of his life.
Author's Purpose is why the author wrote something.
The mice' purpose is to make Cinderella a dress for the ball.
Foreshadowing is clues that hint about what will happen later on.
The alarm beeping on the airplane foreshadowed that the family is in danger
Mood is how the writing makes the reader feel.
Tone is the author's voice in the writing.
Juliet's father's cautious and then angry tone made Juliet feel upset.
Symbolism is when something is used to represent something else.
The symbol on the side of the train car represent the circus.
An excerpt is a piece taken from a bigger piece.
This video is a combination of Dory's scenes.
Point of view is who is telling the story.
This clip from Beauty and the Beast has different people saying their views on things.
An idiom is a saying with a hidden meaning.
In Gnomeo and Juliet, Gnomeo says, "let's go kick some grass." This doesn't mean go kick grass, it means go beat someone,
A simile is a comparison using like or as.
Thumper says to bambi, "You look like a squirrel" comparing Bambi's face to a squirrel
A metaphor is a comparison NOT using like or as.
In Shrek, Gingy says, "You're a monster". This compares Lord Farquaad to a monster.
Personification is when human qualities are given to a nonhuman thing
In Toy Story 3, the human quality of talking is given to toys.
Imagery is mental pictures that go along with what you are reading.
The song, "Circle of Life" shows African plains.
Characterization is the author's description of characters.
The father's of the suitors are describing their sons.
Dialogue is a conversation.
At the bad-anon in Wreck-It Ralph, the "bad guys" are having a conversation
An allusion is a brief reference to something.
The sharks at the shark meeting refer to the dolphins and act like them.
Fire Station
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