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erika steinger

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of u3l15

Rhetorical Appeal
Rhetorical Appeal
Chief Joseph
On Surrender
Do Now
Get your Springboard book, then copy down the EQ and the word of the day
Respond to the following prompt in your notebook.
Imagine that your friend or significant other is trying to persuade you to go to a concert that you don't want to go to. What type of argument does he/she have to use to convince you?
Tuesday, January 20th
We are beginning independent reading in class this week.

You must bring in your own independent reading book tomorrow.
ASPCA Commercial
Rhetorical APpeal
Rhetorical Appeals
On Women's Right to Vote
Women's Suffrage
Women's right to vote and run for electoral office
Small group of people having control over a country, organization, institution, etc.
When an author attempts to convince an audience of his/her credibility or character
Can be done through language and vocabulary
Descriptions of author's expertise and ability to be fair/unbiased
If I wanted to write an article about education, would use ethos by telling the audience that I am a teacher.
When an author uses emotions to appeal to the audience.
Author wants readers to feel a certain way
If I want to inspire my readers to act out, I may try and get them angry about a situation first.
An author uses logos to appeal to an audience through logic or reason.
Can be done through citing facts or statistics
I may use logos by citing statistics to convince the audience of gender inequality in the workforce.
What are they trying to convince you to do?

Which rhetorical appeals are they using? Explain
About the author- Who was he?

Read number one, the quote from Chief Joseph, and identify what rhetorical appeals he is using.

How did you know?
What rhetorical appeal is Chief Joseph using?
Underline evidence
What is the tone of the speech? (How do you think Chief Joseph feels?)
Was Chief Joseph's use of rhetorical appeal effective?
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