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A New discovery

No description

Madeleine Student

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of A New discovery

A New discovery
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
A New Discovery
On Monday May 16th two divers discovered Israels biggest treasure trove of Roman-era artifacts
The treasures were located off the coast of Caesarea, Israel in the Mediterranean Sea.
The amateur divers were just poking around when they stumbled over these amazing treasures.
The Treasure
The divers found many priceless things such as sculptures, jewelery and figurines.
They found 44 pounds of over 1,000 coins bearing images of the emperor Constantine.
They found a bronze lamp showing the ancient Roman Sun God Sol, and a statue of Moon Goddess Luna.
Surprising Discovery
They had spotted iron and wooden anchors on the sea floor which led them to the ship
Experts think that it once was a large merchant ship transporting metal
The ship was on its way to shore when it crashed into the seawall and rocks during a storm.
A Treasure Preserved
The divers were astonished when they had found a 1,600 year old ship.
The status and artifacts were in remarkably good condition, having been at the bottom of the Mediterranean for more than 1,500 years
The sand protected the statues to an amazing state of preservation as though they were cast yesterday rather than 1,600 year ago
Good Citizenship Benefits All
The divers demonstrated good citizenship and were praised for reporting their find to authorities.
They were awarded a certificate of appreciation by the Israel Antique Authority (IAA)
By reporting their discovery they have made it possible for all of us to enjoy these spectacular antique artifacts.
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