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Minecraft Mods

No description

Cian Horan

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Minecraft Mods

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Mod texture packs Some mods come with texture packs. Texture packs change the look of mobs, tools, blocks and resources. This is the Von Doom texture pack. Some people on you tube do mod reveiws like SkyDoesMinecraft, Minecraft Universe, ThnxCya, Cavemanfilms, CaptainSparklez, AntVenom and ChimneySwift11.

Here is a mod review by Thnxcya.

Tekkit and the Tale of kingdoms mods are huge mods that add lots and lots of stuff. The tale of kindoms mod adds in a randomly generated castle and medieval city, workers, shops, they are usually found outside the city and then like one million mobs like turtles, unicorns, werewolves, cats, they are not ocelots (ocelots are wild cats found in the jungle biome) heres a video of the tale of kingdoms. 2 of the biggest mods More mods Doggy talents- gives your dog new abilities
Flan's mod- a mod that adds war stuff
Pogo stick- mod adds a pogo stick
Battlegear- adds battle gear
Trees++- adds 36 new trees and 7 new biomes
Goblin mod- adds goblins, goblin camps, wolves and new blocks A mod (modification) is something you can download
to add new things into Minecraft. The tale of kingdoms adds in warewolves, unicorns, hedgehogs,
hireable guards, hireable miners, hireable woodcutters, builders, bankers and a lot more. What a mod is. Minecraft
Mods Mod reviews Tekkit doesn't really add any new mobs it just adds a lot of randomly generated structures, new ores, new tools and new armor. It adds volcanoes, oil pits, marble, jet packs, transport pipes, quarrys, solar panels (they aren't any use now that there is day light sensors) and a glass chest. A list of mods Too many items- an easier way of commanding to give blocks
Mo creatures- adds lots of new creatures
Better than wolves- adds windmills and helps farming
Buildcraft- allows you to transport items
Portal gun- basicly portal in minecraft
Railcraft- adds new rails
Steve's carts- adds new carts and works well with railcraft
Iron chest- adds an iron chest
Timber mod- you can take down a whole tree at once
Mystcraft- adds new dimensions
Minecraft comes alive- more use for NPC's
Trapcraft Trapcraft is a mod that adds a lot of traps like fake grass, dummy Steve, fans magnetic chests, spikes and igniters to kill every single mob. Tv mod The Tv mod adds in a Tv what a surprise.The Tv's take a lot of stuff to make but it's worth it you get to watch Tv! You have to craft a lot of things to craft the Tv. Conclusion Probably half the class hardly understood what the hell I was trying to say but if you play Minecraft you are most likely to know what I said, I hope you enjoyed my project.
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