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AP: Europe in the 13-1400s AD

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Luke Bailey

on 11 December 2017

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Transcript of AP: Europe in the 13-1400s AD

AP: Europe in the 13-1400s AD
Horrible 1300s
Disaster: Constantinople Falls
-In 1453, a long weakened Constantinople falls to Ottoman Turks

-As a consequence, thousands of educated Byzantines flee to Italy, sparking the Renaissance

-Also, Western Europe is now cut off from the East. THEY WILL HAVE TO FIND ANOTHER WAY TO GET YUMMY SPICES
Orban's Cannon
-A "rebirth" of art and culture- literacy increased and wealthy nobility "patronized" artists (Da Vinci, Rafael, Michelangelo, etc)

-Increased interest in the works of Greeks + Romans

-Largely based in the competing city-states of Italy, later spreads to the rest of Europe
-Europeans motivated to sail for two reasons: trade wealth and evangelism

-At first, primarily Portugal and Spain in competition to access India/China

-New technology (Caravel) made long distance sailing possible
-1492, Columbus reaches Americas, giving Spain a massive head start

-Vasco de Game sails around Africa to India in 1497
Black Death Hundred Year's War Babylonian Captivity
Black Death: Weakens Feudal system as peasants now have negotiating power (less of them)- salaried work and a middle class emerges

Hundred Year's War: The emergence of the longbow weakens the role of knights

Babylonian Captivity: Weakens trust in Catholic Church as Pope is seen as just another political figure
Final Question
-Tomorrow, we will meet the Ming Dynasty in China and see that they had a far greater fleet than any European country

-Why is it that you thing Europeans made it to the New World first? Also, why was it Europeans that discovered China and not the other way around?
Week's Schedule
Today: Europe

Tuesday: Ming China + Islamic World if time

Wednesday: AP Practice Essay

Thursday: Americas/Pastoralists in 1400s
ALSO: Ch 10-11 Test Retake Oppurtunity

Friday: Chapter 12 Quiz

Monday: Review Day for Wed's practice Exam
Battle of Crecy
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