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Turkish Delight

No description

Alisa Clark

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Turkish Delight

Anchalee David Downton Robin Snasen T U R K I S H D E L I G H T Frys Turkish Delight By Simon, Alisa, Zoe Research exisiting products Frys exisitng product, thier target audience and brand Our delevopement of ideas Analysis and conculsions Thoughts: The Single minded Proposition

tone of voice Brand Statements and Reflections Adjectives that reflect brand: How can we launch it into the 21st century?, what are the current trends & zeitgiest? scamps, styles, typogrpahy and designers that could reflect our brand Scamps, ideas & considerations Print Adverts Reflections The exisiting packaging has a shiny/glossy finish, it is pink and has gives off a feeling of the product being a treat and of being quite fun & light to eat. It would appeal to a mass audience which is what Frys are looking to do as a lot of thier audience is an older one from when the product was at its peak populairty through the 1970's and 80's and has not changed a lot.

The Pink also links to the product as it has Rose scented jelly inside. Fry's Have thier name on the product with a star posiioned above their name, this creates a link with the turkish flag as they use the star, this creates an assosiation that Fry's deliver a taste of turkey. Which links to thier tagline:
"full of eastern promise"
As a brand it creates assosiations of them delivering a taste of another culture. 1974 Packaging The font that they use is quite Funky and looks quite Eastern, it looks as though it is turkish and therefore the product contained is from turkey. It is very much a custom font as the letters move into each other and isn't really a serif or sans serif so it appeal to a mass market. One of Turkish Delights Unique Selling Points
is a low fat appeal, which was prominent on thier earlier packaging, (92% Fat Free) which seperates them from a lot of other chocolates on the shelf. In this sense the product may appeal more to women. Fry's exisiting target audience:

is hard to define, It may be more of an older audience due to its popularity through the 1970's and 80's.
Not many younger people know about it or may prefer a more high quality product.
A mass audience, it is a unisex product, its main brand statement is to deliver a taste of another culture (Full of eastern promise) Fry's Turkish Delight the Brand

It is now owned by cadburys, although has kept the name fry's
Delivers a taste of culture
A western perspecitve of turkey
Terrible Currently the market leader for chocolate is cadburys dairy milk, why? Fun
Conistent as a brand (cadburys purple & great products)
Developed strongly as a brand
Great Campaigns So well recognsied and established as a brand, they dont even need a description of the product. Smooth packaging with a matt finish that creates quality assosiations and it nice to touch. This product appeals to everyone, but it has
come from years of creating a great brand identity. Position fry's turkish delight to appeal to a more niche audience Malteasers is the fun,cheeky, playful chocolate Delevoped this brand image from adverts with the office girls A light hearted, light calories chocolate Aestetically we need to make this product stand out on the shelf as it a unique product. The colours, typography and imagery used in chocolate packaging reflects brand idenity and messages. We analysed the product and came to the conclsuion that we will target it at a female audience, why? Rose Scented Flavoured Jelly
Hard on the outside, soft on the inside
Jelly is more of a female food and the jelly is pink which is a traditionally female colour Currents trends & Fashion: Pastel Colours
Stylised and floral designs
Retro cloths, styles, cameras and images. How can we target the product at women? Position the product to have the qualitys that the perfect man would have in the advertising. The product is great for a girls night in The product understands what a women wants The product gives comfort to the women Making the product a delicacy and enchanting Light hearted, romantic & funny advertising How can we Create a brand that women can relate with? Light hearted, romantic, funny, sexy Delicacy
Fun To move away from the positioning the product as delivering a taste of turkish cuture, Why? Fry's Turkish Delight is the product that women can gain a personal identification with. It is their go to product for comfort, and is a fun product for having with girls, quicker than an ice cream but with the hard outside and soft rose scented jelly inside it is a real delicacy that is low in fat. In the 21st century everybody can share opinions and idea's through social networking, so how can we incorporate this into our brand and advrtising? Pefect man qualities .

Getting women to talk

How? - Traits listing on the packging, getting women to vote - facebook/ twitter.

Competition to win a date - code - #frysperfectman_sexy_3Er ( call to action ) I feel that we could have used the product more in the print campigns to give a more direct view of what is being offered. We could of had stronger copy for the print campaign. We feel that making our capmign interactive would work well becuase everbody has their own opinion and people can esily share them online. Positioning: FINAL PACKAGING Packaging ideas Landscape orientation:
stands out from choclate bars on the shelf. Elegant, romantic font stylised deisgn, influenced by popular culture Frys & cadburys logo
(quality brand identification) Info on how to enter the competition TV Anchalee
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