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Ton D.

on 23 May 2017

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Transcript of Timeline

MID OCT 2013
NOV 2013
FEB 2014
Early October 2013
The Fischer’s found out about CBD through The Hope 4 Harper Facebook Support group

Mid Oct 2013
Anny Fischer’s Mother, Katiele Fischer reaches out to a friend she made in this support group, Margarete dos Santos Brito. Katiele asks Margarete for clarification on “what exactly is ‘CBD’?”
Early November 2013
Renata Fischer - niece - Living in Orlando - started to buy and send the product by mail to the Fischer's Brasilia.
Nov 9, 2013
RSHO arrived on Nov 9/2013 - before taking the CBD the Fischers performed a blood test and Electric instagraph under observation of Dr Wagner Afonso Teixeria - Anny's neurologist.

He did not prescribe CBD, but agreed to accompany Anny and her progress.

Nov 11 2013
Anny Fischer Starts to use CBD. In 9 weeks Anny Fischer was seizure Free.

Jan 5 - 2014
Anny's First seizure Free
Day because of RSHO CBD-Rich
Hemp Oil!
Jan 15 2014
An interview with Tarso Araujo - Reporter/free lancer- "super interestante" Magazine. Article Published at the end of March 2014 - this Article is what started all the publicity in Brasil!!!

This was one of the first real
mainstream publicity
features EVER
discussing Medical
Marijuana in Brazil.

Thanks Tarso!!!
April 1st 2014
Several Brazil Families Start to show interest in RSHO and want to order. At this point HempMeds was not able to ship into Brazil. Somehow desperate families get product and begin to smuggle CBD into the country using by shipping in boxes of toys or clothes.
April 3rd
Victory!!! The Fischer family received official authorization from Anvisa to import CBD!!!

1st of August 2014
The Public Prosecutor's Office filed a lawsuit in court against the Federal government of Brazil and ANVISA (Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency) in an effort to legalize Cannabidiol for sixteen children from the state of Paraíba suffering from seizures.

Timeline of CBD in Brazil 2013-2014-2015
Little Anny
Feb 7 2014

On Feb 7th, 2014 Anvisa sent the Fischers a letter notifying them they had confiscated the RSHO ordered for Anny. This could result in serious legal consequences for the Fischers.

Tarso the reporter from "Super Interessante" recommended the Fischers to Diego and Vito Lawyers the family engaged immediately.

The Fischers needed to legally defend themselves & Diego and Vito volunteered their services for the cause. Not having access to RSHO caused Annys Seizures to return with a vengeance causing an uproar amongst the families.
March 29 2014
The Fischers appeared on "Fantastico" one the most viewed news programs in Brazil to speak about Anny and her struggle to receive RSHO. The episode aired March 30th:
March 30 2014
The Fisher's started the legal process - They filed for a court date. The family was awarded their date quickly. They were ready to go up against ANVISA for their right to legally import RSHO CBD-Rich Hemp Oil for Anny.
APR 2014
AUG 2014
August 19 2014
16 Families Make EVEN More History in Brazil!!! A judgement is passed allowing these families to NOT need ANVISA approval in order to import RSHO CBD Rich Hemp Oil into Brazil. Rather for the first time ever with ONLY a Dr's perscription these families can now import this much needed product for themselves and their children.
August 22nd 2014
On August 22nd 2014 The federal board of Medical Doctors in Brazil (CFM) announced they going to allow all Doctors within the country as of September to legally prescribe CBD Rich Hemp Oil without any concern of having their medical license's negatively affected.
August 20th 2014
One major victory achieved several parents of the group recently approved to order product directly with only a perscription from their Dr share with the media of Brazil that they will now march on the Capital city of Brazil visiting Brazil's Senate and ANVISA in an effort to help all families of Brazil to receive the same opportunity for legalization of RSHO CBD Rich Hemp OIl.
August 21st 2014
MORE BIG NEWS!!! The Paraíba section of Brazil's national Bar Association of lawyers announces they will
meet to address how they will defend patients against un just "ignorance and discrimination" from customs officials. They also announced they will be appealing to the Head of the National Bar association in Brasilia to help utilize an initiative by the Brazilian Govt entitled "Saúde Mais 10" where the Govt has committed to invest 10% of it's national budget into health care, for the puropse of legalizing nation wide CBD rich hemp oil.
Click Here to view Article >>> http://goo.gl/5xXcVn
Sept 2014
August 25nd 2014
A Senator involved with a bill to legalize CBD promises to prioritize discussion on medical marijuana

August 25 2014
USP: University of Sao Paulo to study the effects of cannabidiol & sleep.

August 29st 2014
Judge authorizes the first patient to import Sativex, a synthetic prescription medication containing THC.
Sept 3rd 2014
RSHO is retained by Brazilian customs after receiving approval to be legally imported by ANVISA. This unnecessary bureaucracy or lack of communication between governmental agencies may cause the unfortunate & unnecessary loss of more life.

August 30th 2014
After going to court, a family from São Carlos gained approval to buy RSHO. Dandelion Wishes Foundation donated 6 tubes of RSHO to the child. This received a national video interview from a large news agency in Sao Paulo.
Click Here to view the News Clip
>> http://tinyurl.com/qh5gfwr
August 25 st 2014
Debate - Release the use of cannabidiol
AUG 2014

Sept 7th 2014
Brazilian researchers discover that CBD
cures Parkinson's symptoms!
Click Here to view the News Clip
>> http://tinyurl.com/o7cy23p

Sept 9th 2014
World Day of epilepsy!

Sept 9th 2014
Increasing demand to import CBD.
74 requests and 58 approves

Sept 17th 2014
USP University starts the first study with CBD on human beings to understand the effects on sleep.

Oct 1th 2014
Super Interessante magazine covers about the CBD

Sept 17th 2014
CBD on Veja Magazine cover - "CBD is not Drug"

Sept 24th 2014
Paulo Niemeyer, a most well know doctor in Brazil researches about CBD.

Sept 12th 2014
A Newspaper writes about the anti-cancer potential of CBD

Oct 7th 2014
A feature movie called "ILEGAL" is released and talks about CBD

The Federal Medical Board (CFM) has decided to authorize neurosurgeons and psychiatrists to prescribe cannabidiol-based drugs (CBD) for children with epilepsy
Dec 11th 2014
Jan 14th 2015
CBD Officially A Medicine In Brazil
Oct 2014
Dec 2014
Jan 2015
Anvisa simplifies the importation of medicinal products based on cannabidiol
April 2015
April 22th 2015
July 13th 2015
Receita Federal, the Brazilian RSS, exempts Tax Importantion for CBD and other medications.
July 2015
ANVISA releases teaching note as the Health Departments should import the CBD
Oct 15th 2015
ANVISA backed on the decision to restrict the purchase of CBD and allows for other deseases other than epilepsy
Sept 2015
Oct 2015
Sep 28th 2015
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