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Emily Robinson

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of History

Bologna, Emilia-Romagna
Current Intrests
Ghetto Ebraico- Jewish ghetto where they lived under guard beginning in 1556. They lived there until 1569, when they were expelled.
General Information
Coat of Arms
6th Century B.C.-Etruscans surronded Villianovian settlements and influenced culture. Became known as Felsina
350 B.C.-Gauls attacked Felsina, the Etruscans could not fend off
191 B.C.-Romans conqured Gauls and founded Roman colony Bononia
1088-Most important university was built by Irnerio-oldest in the world.
Fountain of Neptune
Teatro Communale
Two Towers
Sanctuary di San Luca
Piazza Maggiore
Symbolizes the election of Pope Pius IV
Finished in 1565
Buildings were demolished to make way for construction
Surrounded by many buildings including San Petronio Basilica
San Petronio Basilica
Dedicated to the patron saint of Bologna
Construction started in 1390
Remains unfinished
Primarily an opera house
Inagurated on May 14, 1763
Facade was not finished until 1936
Used as watch towers
Constructed circa 1109-1119
Asinelli & Garisenda
Up to 180 towers were built in the middle ages
Sanctuary for Mary
Constructed in 1723
The Portico contains 666 arches
Alec Kanai & Emily Robinson
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