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Negative Effects of European Imperialism

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Jourdan Kile

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Negative Effects of European Imperialism

European Powers started creating colonial empires in the 19th century
Scramble for Africa
Economic Impact
Social and Cultural Impact
Political Impact
Negative Effects of European Imperialism in Africa
1885, European nations sign the General Act of Berlin
Berlin Conference - 1884-1885:
-Africa was a "disputed territory" that was in need for exploration, trade, and settlement.
- Conference divided Africa into sections, which were controlled by European nations
- The conference would be a catalyst for the imperialism
- A structured political system was introduced
- The exportation of raw materials caused a shortage in resources, which effected existing economies
- Wars caused racial barriers and social distinctions.
New Imperialism
- Traditional politics, which were based around culture, were either disrupted or destroyed because of European direct and indirect rule.
- Africa became more dependent on an industrialized economy
- The price to make the materials was less than distributing them.
- Many natives were under the European rule
- Changes in territories cause social disputes.
Western culture spread to the colonies, including:
- Territorial demands caused both civil wars between tribes and revolutions against the Europeans
- Nationalism
- Social Darwinism (survival of the fittest)
Economic- resources, markets, investment
Political and military- Bases for trade and navy ships, power/security for global empire, nationalism
Social- spread of Christianity and the western culture
Science and Invention- weapons, medicines, ships
Reasons for Imperialism:
Health and Environmental Impact
- Because they had no immunities, many Africans died of Small Pox and other diseases, which were brought over by European colonists.
- The demand of cash crops caused the lack of food, causing famine within the population.
- Land gained by the Europeans were lost to the Africans
Boer Wars
First Boer War (Transvaal Rebellion)
- 1880-1881
- Revolt against the British annexation of 1877
The Second Boer War (South African War)
- 1899-1902
- British "Scorched Earth" policy
- Britain rejects Transvaal ultimatum. Wanted to settle disputes between the Orange Free State by arbitration, withdrawal of troops, and for troops bound for South Africa by ship to not disembark.
South Africa
- Concentration Camps to deprive the Boer of supplies
- Lack of food and medicine cause 48,000 deaths
- 9,000 died either in combat or as oversea prisoners
- Pollution, Deforestation
- Africa is exploited of its natural minerals
- Europe installed their educational system, causing traditions to be broken
- European nations viewed Africans as inferior
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- Africans are forced into labor
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