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Paula Wajcman by: Fernando Ramirez

No description

fernando ramirez

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Paula Wajcman by: Fernando Ramirez

Paula Wajcman
By: Fernando Ramirez
Paula was born in the year of 1928.
Her mom gave birth in the south part of Poland in a city called Kielce.
Paula's parents were a very religous Jewish couple, so Paula was raised as a very strong Jewish home.
Paula lived in an apartment complex with her dad, mom, and her brother.
Paula went to a public school (in the morning) and a religious/ private school (in the afternoon) in kinder garden.
At the age age of 9 she started to attend dance school.
When Germany invaded Poland on September 1,1939 her dad packed up the family and left their house. He took them 30 miles from the soviet border.
During the Attack
When Paula's mom went back to their house for supplies the Germans had taken the town over so she got stranded (they didn't say if she died). When the family heard about all the Jews that were getting killed they built a bunker in the floor of the factory were Paula's dad worked.
The Ending
Then on September 24, 1942 the German police came in and discovered the bunker. They shot her and her dad; sadly she was only 14 years old. They didn't say what happened to her brother.
Kielce, Poland
Paula Wajcman
Map of Kielce
Paula Wajcman
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