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MountanMinds 2.0

No description

Prezibase Designs

on 18 December 2016

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Transcript of MountanMinds 2.0

Pre-departure checks
Congratulations, you've successfully turned your idea into a successful business or company!

We hope to have arranged a private office or space for you by this stage, ideally part of a much larger space where you can set up your own physical base camp and continue your business journey with us and among our ever growing network or head out on your own to grow your idea even further!
Now that we know your idea, it's time to begin fleshing it out and preparing for the journey ahead. This is where we will sit down with you (physically or online) and begin to plan out our journey. This is a very exciting stage so be prepared for a lot of energy and great ideas!

Put it into Numbers!- It may seem like you've crunched a few numbers by this stage but it is this part of the journey where we really get a handle on how much money we need to get started, and will need along the way! This determines how long the journey is. It is also great to try and calculate how much you stand to earn if all goes to plan! This is all pre-investment work that will combine to make you as attractive as possible to investors. Tom is our main man for everything money related and will guide and prepare you for the first obstacle; investment!
Now you are really out the door and starting to climb towards the market summit!
Marketing- an integral part of any start up journey, and particularly so for any Mountain Minds one! Any entrepreneur will tell you that it is through clear, recognisable branding and cleverly executed marketing that defines the success of business more than anything!

Therefore it is just after you begin to begin to work on your prototype that we will help you create your brand, with the expert guidance of The Business Hood, and guide you through the intricacies of start-up marketing via Basic Bananas. This will ensure that come time for your product to reach the market, you're target market will be able to find you immediately and ensure you stick in their minds immediately.
Bear in mind that this step is important and will become an integral and constantly changing arm of your company from this stage onwards. Think of it as your oxygen reserves as you climb the mountain; as you climb you will depend more and more on marketing until you reach the summit, where it is most important!

You're almost there, time for a review with a view!
Time is a precious resource and the last thing we want to do is waste yours! To make sure we can actually help you with your idea we work with you to do some checks before we set off on this adventure. Here's the
top 6

things that make up our checklist-

Does the idea meet a real need or desire?

It’s all a part of the wider blur philosophy of embracing progress and truly making the most of your opportunities. Adapting to the changing world, and using technology to drive innovation. Doing business better!
MountainMinds will address your marketing by breaking it into the following components:
Build a basic product- Now that you have investment the journey really starts to get fun and you can really start seeing some sights!
Now that you have our core team it's time to introduce you to our entire network! Jump below to meet our partners and a few of our early project contributors!

This stage of your journey is where we leave you for a short while to flesh out your idea amongst ourselves and begin to reach out to our partners firstly, and then our personal contacts and finally our community of Mountain Minds project contributors for their immediate support.
Open shop- It's tempting to wait until your product is 'perfect' to start selling it. Just as it's tempting to wait on a mountainside for the absolute perfect weather too long and miss your opportunity for the summit!

Realise 'perfect is the enemy of good enough' and take the plunge. Until your product is out in the market, you're flying blind, spending time and money with a limited ability to learn how customers react. We will make you a core product and then work with you to take it to market quickly.
You made it!
What we can promise is that we will be working hard to take as many ideas to the summit as possible, and if we can't take it on now, or by ourselves, then we'll find someone who can, or keep it on file to take on when we're off and running!

What comes next will be different for everybody! It is really up to you as the director of your own business to decide where you would like to go once your product or service hits the market. We are more than happy to provide advisory services or even take on your business full time if it is successful. Our main goal, however, is for your business to continue to grow and for you to be happy with the direction it is heading!

Our main piece of advice at this stage (if you choose to run your business yourself) is to never become complacent with once you hit the market. Always be prepared to 'Pivot, Pivot, Pivot'! The market place is an ever-changing beast and you will have to be prepared to adapt with it. If you have made it this far you will be well versed in this rule by now though and you will be ready to take your start-up journey beyond the Mountain and into the stratosphere!
Black Citrus- www.blackcitrus.com.au
Venture Capital
Tech Development
Investment Advice
Business Advisory Advice
Networking Introductions

Basic Bananas- www.basicbananas.com
Marketing Education
Done for you Marketing
Business Advisory Advice

The Business Hood- www.thebusinesshood.com
Website Building

Our NDA stands between us always and we are committed to ensuring that our discussions between others are always backed up by consecutive NDA's and contracts. We will also organise temporary patents for any idea we think this is neccessary. This can easily be upgraded to a full patent if deemed necessary!
We will conduct extensive surveys to find out what your target market really thinks about you!
Once we have accumulated the above data, fleshed out the idea thoroughly between us and adjusted to feedback, we will make any necessary changes to your business plan, product, and go-to-market strategy. We will then assign appropriate members from our team and community to your project!
The last few steps include discussing and agreeing upon equity divisions between your project team, using our equity/commitment/expertise/predicted worth sliding tool. You are the key player here, and the equity split will predominantly depend on your desired involvement. You will then determine how much capital you'll need to reach key milestones, develop an implementation plan and it's time to step out the door!
John Francis - Non-Executive Chief Communications Officer
Luke Gamble- Economic, Engineering and Fabrication Specialist
Jarrod Prieksa- Law Graduate
Billi McCarthy Price- Politics Graduate, Defense Procurement Officer
Zac Mcgill- HR and Commerce Graduate
Alex Richardson- Electrical Engineer
Luke Tulloch- Chemical Engineer, Professional Musician and Not For Profit Expert
Corey Rosher- Doctor
Ben McKernan- Doctor
Matthew Ramm- Civil Engineer
Henry Ellett- Civil Engineer
Dane Glenn - Civil Engineer
Early Contributors
Numbers will convert more people than an hour of perfect sermon. Here's what we mean:
"There's $70 billion trapped in waste in Africa. Our startup aims to recycle that into cash." This sounds more appealing to prospective investors than, "We want to clean the streets of Nigeria."
The typical investor itches to hear how much she or he will get in return for each dollar committed. Not everyone you approach will ask you the question outright. But the most successful fundraising startups know to tell investors just what they need to hear.
Important!- Not all ideas need to make a lot of money! If you are passionate in starting a Not for Profit then we have access to expertise in this field. We are all for doing what we can to aid a good cause!
Anything it takes!- Obviously there are more ways than one to gain investment, and we are willing to try whatever one gets you a result! This can range from presenting the best ideas to BlackCitrus Venture Capital community and seek immediate investment to simply asking what you, your family or friends can personally afford (this doesn't have to be an option at all but can save you equity and expedite the journey considerably!) Knowledgeable investors also want to see founders who show confidence with their cash. They favor entrepreneurs with more than "just" sweat equity in the game. We will also do our best to use our network to sign up strategic partners or investors early on. There's nothing sweeter than finding a supplier, distributor, or especially a customer who stands to gain so much from your solution that they are willing and able to help foot the bill.
Everything does get more involved here, so let us know at any stage if you would like to regroup and discuss how you're feeling or readjust your involvement!
On this leg of the journey you get to take what you're envisioning, give it a slick design and a full set of features and build your prototype!
BlackCitrus' accomplished development agency have agreed to partner with MountainMinds to make this stage as smooth and efficient as possible! Keep that ultimate vision on the back burner for now though. Instead, we will be stripping the concept down to the bare minimum offering to address the needs of your core customers!
MVP Release
Testing time! Once a product reaches market, we can figure out how to match your offerings with customer needs. To do that, we will test elements like pricing, branding, features, and customer experiences. We will then find a cost-effective, repeatable way to attract customers by experimenting with marketing messages, promotions, sales pitches, and distribution channels.
Pivot!- Once we learn which aspects of your product and marketing are the most desirable and effective, we'll concentrate hardest on them! If we have gotten anything wrong, or if the product or service is not working at all, we will tweak or 'pivot' our approach and try again!
Now that your company has a product at market it's time to revisit your business plan, and update your product, team, marketing, implementation, and finance strategies.
We will help you gather the resources you'll need to expand. If you intend to raise capital, we will do what we can to see it happen! After all if you succeed, we all succeed!
Is it something we, as a company, want to take on (ethical, right type of person etc), and can we find people willing to take the project on or at least lend their expertise?
Can it generate money?
Can people like us make it possible?
Is it grounded in reality?
Does it offer something new?
Tell us about your idea!! In as little or as much detail as you like, but bear in mind the more information we have the better and quicker we can help you! Here are a few quick tips to help you decide if you have an idea worth sharing with us:
Does your idea align with your passions, goals, strengths, resources, and tolerance for risk?

Regardless of what you choose you will have the support of the MountainMinds team throughout your journey to the Summit.
Also, keep in mind that your initial idea is just a hypothesis. Don't fall in love with it just yet, the journey has just began and you never know where it's going to go!

If it doesn't, don't worry, we are happy to start a conversation about anything! And if you decide down the track that you aren't interested in pursuing it anymore, or if you would rather not be all that involved in the whole process, just let us know and we can work out an equity arrangement where you can sit back and relax and we can get to work bringing it to fruition!
Crunching the Numbers
Importing, Exporting, Supply Chains-

Like engineering, should your project need the expertise of someone who understands the ins and outs of importing and exporting products into Australia, as well as how to utilise the right platforms to make it a success, MountainMinds can provide you with the right advice or the right person to do it for you!
Engineered designs and product fabrication!

If your idea involves coming up with a clever physical product along with, or instead of, a techy one then while you are working through the investment and marketing legs of the journey, we will be introducing you to our resident Engineers! Ryan and Morgan both have extensive skills, qualifications and experience in the Mining Engineering sector, however their contacts extend into virtually any area of engineering need! MountainMinds has connections in the fabrication department to turn these engineered designs into working products!
As Founder and CEO of Simplid, a dual security tech and nightlife entertainment company, Josh found his passion for start-ups and exciting ideas. By joining forces with four good mates also working on exciting tech projects he realised that combined they had a lot to offer the start-up community, and thus Mountain Minds was born! He holds a Bachelor of Communications and Masters in Business Management and Communications, has experience as a marketing consultant, connections in all areas of the Australian business community and is just a general idea frother and problem solving enthusiast! In his spare time he loves to surf, swim, dive and anything else to burn off a lifetime of excess energy!

Industries: Tech, Consulting, Small Business, Contracting, Agriculture, Construction, Start-Up

Related experience and Services: tech industry, investment and business marketing advice, branding, sales advice, PR services, contract and tender guidance and most importantly anything you need to know in relation to start-ups!

If he can't help you personally he'll do whatever it takes to learn it for you, or find someone who can utilising MountainMind's ever growing network! Most of all he can't wait to begin scheming of ways to get your idea from base camp to market success at the summit!

Josh Ellett
Ryan Prott
Ryan is a qualified Engineer who graduated from The University of a Western Australia with honours in Mining Engineering. He is a natural problem solver and has a diverse skill set to provide you with solutions.
Ryan is able to offer a helping hand with any engineering enquiry you may have and apply his knowledge in thermodynamics, fluid hydraulics, mathematical optimisation, programming, statistical modelling, dimensional analysis, physics, computer simulation and just about any other engineering aspect you can think of!

If its the mining market you wish to pursue it can be rest assured Ryan will be of great assistance with his knowledge of the industry and relevant contacts in hand.

Currently working on a start-up for an event based company with his twin brother Morgan, it is evident that where ever Ryan sees potential in a marketplace he will apply his skills and strive towards a solution and product that will reach its full potential.
Morgan is a qualified Mining Engineer who graduated with honors from the University of Western Australia in 2014. When he isn't travelling around the world in search of new adventures he is working for the second largest gold producer in the world where he designs, optimises and schedules drilling and blasting activities.
Morgan is an enthusiastic and friendly professional who has a vast engineering knowledge base and a natural problem solving mindset. These characteristics coupled with a hard work ethic has made him a valuable member within the Mountain Minds team.
Morgans connections spread vastly in the mining, civil and agricultural industries in Australia, as well as having entrepreneurial connections overseas.
Currently Morgan is CEO and founder of an event networking company which will be launched in 2017 through the support of the Mountain Minds team!

Morgan Prott
Tom is a Risk and Compliance Professional who holds a degree in Accounting, a diploma of Project Management with certifications in Auditing, Training and Assessment.

Tom’s qualifications are backed by his industry experience in agriculture, events, hospitality, maritime, mining and rail over the past 10 years. He takes hands on approach to ensure that management systems meet the needs of all stakeholders to deliver practical and user friendly interfaces.

He is able to provide advice on the development and implementation of accounting, compliance, risk, sustainability and lean start up principles to ensure that your idea is built on sound foundations from the beginning.

He is also the CEO of Simpld Security which, while in its infancy, aims to revolutionise the ID facial recognition security of ports and mine sites worldwide.
Tom Mitchell

It is at this stage that all of us combined will congregate to:
• Think through all angles.
• Evaluate the opportunity objectively and analytically.
• Determine the customers and their needs.
• Determine the size of the opportunity. Is the timing right? What will it take to execute? Is the payoff worth the risk? What's the business model?
• Create a simple, yet thorough business plan and Information Memorandum
If you make it to this stage, congratulations! You're one step closer to turning that idea from you mind into a reality!
Lastly, impress us enough with your idea and we'll consider you for own personal investment! The larger we grow the more personal investments we can make!

Pursue non-dilutive capital. Grants, solicitations, and RFPs may not be a fit for every company, but make sure it's not "yes" before you say "no." Some industries, such as biotech, are especially conducive to federal grants. Josh and Tom have experience and contacts in this field ready to go
In-house sales teams are challenging to staff and a challenge to manage. Before we consider a direct team we will explore any other options; virtual assistants, intern placements, JV's with similar companies in your industry, share-offices, smart-scheduling, tele-conferencing or utilising your own networks are all things to be considered to drive down investment needs.
Not confident presenting? Not able to make it to pitch nights? We'll do it for you!
Phase 1 - Strategic Market Positioning, RoadMap Marketing, Brand Development and Web Presence
Phase 2 - Blog Strategy, PR analysis and development (off and online), Speaking/Workshop presence and Crowdfunding
Phase 3- Viral videos, guerrilla marketing, effective SEO, Google AdWords and other cost effective, flexible, highly scalable campaigns such as Yahoo/Bing, Facebook ads and banner campaignsand link-building
Phase 4 - Advertising (off and online)
Phase 5- Brand maitenance and optimising business automation so you're company will run while you are away
What's Next?
Brainstorming and Collaboration
Crowdfunding- Pitching to angel investors or venture capitalists is just one way to get investment. We'll create the perfect crowdfunding presence to maximise your investment opportunities using our own expertise and our connections with Basic Bananas, The Business Hood and Black Citrus!
Pitching- We'll help you construct an internal strategy to make sure you pitch the right points to the right investors. Then we'll help you write the perfect pitch to capture the right investor for you.
Here are just a few of our earliest partners, this number has already risen considerably and is constantly growing. Please visit our website to view all of our partners!
Like our Partners this list is growing exponentially, but see below for some of our earliest project contributors!
It should also be mentioned that we will be taking on projects based on a personal attraction, profitability and ease of execution basis to begin with. The quantity of ideas we are capable of handling remains to be seen!

At this point we feel it is necessary to mention that although we like to think we have the skills and experience to help any idea that is put in front of us, unfortunately we can't make that promise...yet! However, if we or any of our contacts or affiliates cannot help you then we will tell you at this point so we don't waste your time on a fruitless journey!
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