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Diversity in the Workplace

No description

Jennifer Kim

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Diversity in the Workplace

Aileen Chong, Brittany Droogsma, Kevin Hormann, Andrew Lewis, Jennifer Kim, Dan Zuber

What is Diversity?
"Cultural diversity is when differences in race, ethnicity, language, nationality, religion, and sexual orientation are represented within a community"

A state of having or being composed of different attributes

Diversity in the Workplace: Pros
Different cultures bring unique ways of thinking

Allowing different perspectives to analyze situations

Different cultures and experiences provide a vast knowledge base

Many companies are interested global expansion

Team-Oriented vs. Individualism

Time and Calendar Differences
Diversity in the Workplace: Cons
Stereotypes can lead to biases

Culturally diverse people have different opinions

Conflicts from diversity can result in lost productivity and negative emotions
1. How does the interdependence of people make their contributions more valuable?

2. As we become better acquainted with people of different backgrounds, does our fear and suspicion of them diminish? Do we learn to better appreciate their abilities?

3. What is the benefit of allowing- even encouraging-different groups to preserve their uniqueness while, at the same time, getting people of various backgrounds to work together for a common purpose?

4. How does the prejudicial treatment of one person endanger the rights of all persons?

5. What can each of us do to combat prejudice against groups to which we don’t belong?
Diversity Management
Encourages toleration of others

The dilemma of difference
Categorization among people can create understanding of others and their functions

2 methods:
Conventional method
Sustainable method
Understanding Cultural Differences
Diversity Activity
Changing Managers' Behavior
Major Workforce
Diversity Categories
National Origin
Sexual Orientation
Benefits outweigh the costs because of an increasingly global marketplace

Companies should implement more diversity positions and diversity programs

Thank you.
Diversity management and cultural intelligence are essential

Fulfilling requirements vs. integrating it into the organization

Example: Chief Diversity Officer
Eliminate stereotypes

Education on different groups
Statistics show minorities lower social ambition

Due to cultural differences
Formal social network (Mentoring)

Make someone responsible (Diversity Managers)
By: Team e-LEMON-atorz
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