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Internet Idol 2

Brings the American Idol type talent show to the Internet!

Anita Kukoly

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Internet Idol 2

Brings the American Idol type talent show to the Internet! What is Internet Idol ? It is a complete web solution that includes the website community features that provide the environment to publish the recorded songs and participate in competitions and being part of the community of up and coming singers, as well as their funs
What can we do for Yahoo? Novel entertainment content that is proven to captures audiences! Greatly increase time on site & page views Increased ad inventory, more $$ Turn key solution to enter the lucrative talent show business ! How ‘Internet Idol’ attracts talents?
The first and only place on the internet to rival tv talent shows
Favorite songs as karaoke base

Record your own video clip - fast, simple to use & free!

Use your laptop, microphone, webcam and internet connection

No software, no download, no hassle!
Publish your own recording within minutes! Enter competitions

Win prices, popularity and new friends – become the next Internet Idol! Internet Idol is dramatically broadening the opportunity for new talents to publicity and fame
‘Internet Idol’ attracts talents? Competitions

Celebrities judges

Valuable prices by sponsors

Get funs and friends

The chance to fame

What has Internet Idol to offer to the public instant publishing on Facebook or Twitter

Music and voice post card with pictures and video for holidays, birthdays and other special events – creative, personal and free

Facebook like community features How do we know it works? Launched first in Hungary as ‘live test’ in 2009. Even in such a small market over a 100,000 visits, 4+ million page views last month. Registered users 15,000+ and growing, producing 35,000+ karaoke songs. Achieved partnerships with Hungary’s #1 internet operator Origo (owned by Deutche Telekom (NYSE:DT), as well as top radio stations.

Attracted major advertisers, including Vodafone, T-Mobile, Citroen, Citibank, Levis and many others. the technology that allows to record karaoke singing easily and in surprisingly high quality even adding video to it using the standard laptop microphone and webcam celebrities judges comments
Publishing to Facebook and Twitter in seconds!
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