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All About Evelyn Williams

No description

nayelis velez

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of All About Evelyn Williams

I loved learning and took courses at Inter-American University and Hampton University before earning my bachelor's degree in elementary education in 1961 and my master's degree in supervision and administration of elementary schools in 1964 from New York University.
I began teaching much earlier, however, starting my career in 1931 at the Diamond Rural Elementary School- the same school I attended as a child. During my career, I thought or served as principal of many St. Croix schools. I worked in the Virgin Islands publicschool system for more than four decades and influenced a generation of students and colleagues.
Gov. John De Jongh Jr.
"Mrs. Williams was born before the Virgin Islands was part of America, and her career was dedicated to uplifting the territory through education and passing on the heighest values of our people. Her accomplishments were many, and her legacy can be measured by the thousands of men and women she educated over her long career. Some were her students; other were notable educators, who learned their craft under her leadership in the Department of Education and went on to serve this territory so well themselves," Gov. John De Jongh Jr. said in a statement
Special Friends: Alber/Marie Schuster, Mrs. David Henry, Mrs. Richard Abbott, Cynthis Thomas, Mrs. Keith Gibson, Mrs. Mark Jerome, the Jacobs family, Ann Abramson, James/Doreen Rodgers, Genevieve Allen, Doris Gardine, Calvin Perkins, Rita Phillips, Eugenie Lynch, Louise Flamer and family, Sarah James and family, the O'Donoghue family, Deanna Sackey, Winona Sackey Joshua, the Johannes family, the Ross family, the Seales family, and the Holy Cross Episcopal Church family.
When I Was Born
I was born On St.Croix Dec. 15, 1914, when the territory was still the Danish West Indies.
Evelyn died at the age of 98 on february 2, 2012
She has survived by her children Janet Lake and Douglas M. Williams and many other family members and friends.

By Nayelis A. Velez De Jesus
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