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Travel Guide-Comparsion betwwen past and present construction

Project of Connecting Classroom---British Council

haya lakhani

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Travel Guide-Comparsion betwwen past and present construction

We are from Beaconhouse School System,class 5 , Haya and Rameen.
We are comparing Lahore Fort with MCB building. Pictures The Fort is clearly divided into two sections: first the administrative section, which is well connected with main entrances, and comprises larger garden areas and Diwan-e-khas for royal audiences.

The second - a private and concealed residential section - is divided into courts in the Northern part, accessible through 'Elephant gate'. It also contains Shish Mahal (Hall of Mirrors of Mirror Palace), and spacious bedrooms and smaller gardens.[9] On the outside, the walls are decorated with blue Persian kashi tiles. Lahore Fort Lahore fort MCB tower, Karachi MCB Tower,Karachi MCB tower is the second tallest building of Pakistan.It is about 116 m (381 ft) tall and contains 29 floors and 3 basement floors. Windows are of glass which gives it a stylish look.It is somewhat rectangular in shape. Comparison MCB Tower is a sky scrapper whereas the Lahore fort is just a tall building. We can see domes and minarates in the fort but on the other hand the tower has none.The fort is a beautiful carved bricked building whereas the MCB tower is simple and modern glass building which represent the progression in construction. Hello all,
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