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Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

by: Hayden Flash Mosley

Hayden Flash Mosley

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

By: Hayden Flash Mosley Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Lord of the Rings: The
Fellowship of the Ring By: Hayden Flash Mosley Protagonist -Frodo Baggins Merry and Pippin Gimli Gimli is a very arrogant Dwarf who joins in on the quest to take
the ring to Mordor. Antagonist: Saruman Saruman is a wizard who once was in alliance with Gandalf until he betrayed him to serve lord Sauron. Hero's Journey Does hero follow Campbell's 12 steps? V. Crossing the Threshold Frodo's real adventure begins in Rivendale when Frodo agrees to take the ring to Mordor. This is where the fellowship of the ring began and where Frodo's heroic journey gets a lot more difficult. Conclusion I think the Filmmakers did a great job of putting all
of the 12 steps of a hero in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It makes the movie more interesting and leaves you with a positive feeling after each movie knowing that the hero will be successsful in his mission in the end. I think this film was successful because the filmmakers stuck with the 12 steps of a hero and because they did this, people could understand what was going on or what was probably going to happen. This basically made the film better to watch. -Archetype: Ares -He is the "protector" of the ring.
- Accepts challenge to take the ring to
- He is fighting for a cause when other
people are afraid to. He fights goblins,
orks, and other ugly looking creatures
in his journey to Mordor. Gandalf the Grey Archetype- Magi -He is the "all-knowing" Wizard. A young hobbit from the "Shire" who leads The Fellowship of the Ring to Mordor. The God-like Wizard who urges Frodo to become the hero he knows he can be. -He tells Frodo what he must do then he leaves him to figure it out for himself. -He has always been like a master or teacher to Frodo. -Examples: -Examples: Samwise "Sam" Gamgee Sam is a hobbit from the Shire who is Frodo's best friend and goes with him on his journey to Mordor.
Archetype: The best friend -Examples:
- Sam was scared to leave the Shire but he wanted to
protect his best friend.
- Sam is always by Frodo's side no matter what, in the
end, he will not let Frodo leave without him. Merry and Pippin are Frodo's troublemaking cousins who join the fellowship
and help Frodo take the Ring to Mordor. Archetype: The Jester/Hermes
-They mean well, but they do foolish things that put them and Frodo in danger. ex. The fire, the loud noises in the mines and the fireworks at the beginning of the movie.
- They are very risky: In the end, they make themselves the
decoys in attemot to save Frodo. Aragorn archetype:Ares/Osiris Aragorn is a Ranger who meets Frodo and leads him to Rivendale. He is a stong warrior and fighter and wants to help protect Frodo. We later find out he is more than just a Ranger. - examples:
- Aragon is very disciplined and he knows what
he is doing. ex. Plants for medicine.
- He has great confidence in himself and he
knows who he is, and he is willing to fight
for his beliefs. Legolas Legolas is an elf who joined the Fellowship
of the ring to help Frodo destroy the ring. Archetype: Apollo - examples:
- Like Apollo, who loves to help others, Legolas volunteered quickly to help Frodo take the ring to Mordor.
- Legolas also has a strong will to win or to get things done.
He is eager to destroy the ring. Archetype: Poseidon -examples:
- Gimli is very intense and loves a good fight like poseidon. In the movie, he can't wait to fight orks.
- Gimli will also seek revenge when someone has harmed
him or his family. in the movie, He wants revenge after
his cousins and friends are killed in the mines. Boromir Boromir is a warrior from Gondor who is also in the fellowship of the ring but yet he still is jealous of Frodo. Archetype: The Nemisis - examples:
- for the most part, Boromir tries to help Frodo. Although, he gets very jealous at times and tries to hurt him because he wants to be the ring bearer.
- at one point in the movie, Boromir tells Frodo he
wishes he could switch places with him. Archetype: Hades -Examples:
- just like Hades, Saruman wants to be in control. In the Movie, he has his own evil empire.
- Saruman is also very pessimistic and hold grudges.
When Gandalf left, he siad that Gandalf "chose Death"
because he was going to kill him. Yes, this movie definitely follows the first five to six steps of heroes journey. Because this is only the first of the three movies, it does not finish the last six until the last two movies. overall, the Lord of the Rings trilogy follows the 12 steps of a hero. I. The Ordinary World In the beginning, Frodo is living in the Shire,
where everything is going good. He is unaware
of the evil that is taking over the world because
the ring was not destroyed. He is completely
shielded from what is going on around
him. II. Call to Adventure After Bilbo's birthday party, Gandalf tells Frodo
That he must take the Ring to Bree, where he
would meet up with Gandalf again. He told
Frodo that this Ring was made in the fire of
Mordor and is very powerful. III. Refusal of the Call After Gandalf calls Frodo to an Adventure, He
refuses the call and says that Gandalf should take
the ring. Frodo is very scared and does not
want to be the one to have all that weight
on his shoulders.
IV. Mentor When you think of someone who mentored Frodo throughout the movie, two names come to mind. Gandalf and Aragorn are the two people that I think of who helped Frodo grow throughout the movie. Gandalf prepared him in the beginning
of the movie and Aragorn mentored him from the middle to
the end of the movie. VI. Tests, allies, enemies Frodo's first tests came in the Mines of Moria where
the Fellowship fought against orks and goblins. The
final test of this movie came in the Forrest where
Saruman's army of orks killed Boromir, took
Merry and Pippin, and broke up the
Fellowship of the Ring.
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