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Two-step Equations with Rational Numbers

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Jillian Arthur

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Two-step Equations with Rational Numbers

Remember that two-step equations are just like one step equations with an extra problem attached to it. Also remember that two-step equations consist of two operations, and because of this, require two inverse operations to solve. A helpful thing to ask yourself before solving the problem is: "What is being done to the variable and in what order?"
How to
1) Find the side that you need to simplify
2) Figure out what needs to happen and when
3) Start solving the problem
1) Make sure that anything you do one side, you do to the other
2) Merge anything of the same value that is on the same side together.

1) Understand the problem
2) Make a plan
3) Solve
A) Add or subract anything from both sides
B) Multiply or divide anything from both sides
4) Look back or check your answer


Example 1: 52.0 = 9.75t + 3.25
52.0 = 9.75t + 3.25
- 3.25 - 3.25

48.75 = 9.75t
9.75 9.75

Two-step Equations with Rational Numbers
The End
Since the 1.3 and 0.7 are both multiplied by x you can add them together to make it simpler
Since 0.6 is multiplied by x divide it from both sides
example: 1.3x - 0.7x = 12
(1.3 - 0.7)x = 12
0.6x = 12
0.6x = 12
0.6 0.6

x = 20
5 = t
Since 3.25 is added to 9.75t, subtract 3.25 from both sides
Since t is multiplied by 9.75, divide both sides by 9.75
with fractions
Example: 2/3p - 1/5 = 2/5
Method one: 2/3p - 1/5

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