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Head Girl - Teachers.

What I believe I can Bring to the role of Head Girl.

Beth Rogers

on 22 June 2011

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Transcript of Head Girl - Teachers.

What I Will Bring To The Role Of Head Girl What I Want To Do... I want to take an active role and help to represent Hartshill Shool. Give students someone to talk to if they want to. I feel that I am an approachable person, and people would not have a problem coming to speak to me - including younger years. Try to help students with any queries or problems where I can, but also help communication between staff and students in order to help resolve them. Work as an active member of a team, concerning all the prefets and the duties that come with the role. I feel an important thing to do would be to act as a link between students and teachers. My Qualities... I am confident... Committed... Organsied... Approachable... Reliable and responsible... I feel I am a good member of the school... I can work well induvidually, but I also work well as part of a team, and can follow instructions well. Why I Want To Be Head Girl... I want to give back to the school, beacasue it has helped me alot. Find out what indivuduals from all year groups want and how they think the school could improve thier time here. I want to not only take an interest in my own year, but others too - for example, years 7's and their transition process. Help organise great events; eg: Prom! Organsise fundraising events. Thankyou for listening =) Beth Rogers. Would not be afraid to talk to adults, students, or talk to groups of people. Could fit my duites in and around my school work ond home life. I would not give up or get bored of my responsibilites, I would be honoured to be chosen. I feel that students of all ages would feel comfortable talking to me. I feel I am a trustworthy student, and could be counted on to get jobs done. - I am a member of the 'Geek Squad' which aims to give the school a better internet presence.
- I have taken part in past open evenings.
- I have had the role of senior prefect for the last few weeks.
- I have a good academic record.
- I have good attendance.
- I am highly motivated. Without this school, I would have missed out on opportunities, I want to help improve the school firther and show other students the opportunities they have. Everyone wants different things, I want to find out what, and come up with things that best suit everyone. I understand that moving into a new school can be scary, I want to do omething to make this as easy as possible - Buddy system?
As wel as supposrting other years throuh important times. Obviously, not everything is free, so I would try to get the year involved in raisng money.
Through concerts, cake sales, car washes, leg waxing and many more... Everyone is looking forward to prom already, and we have to make it the best ever!
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