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Wedding Perfection

Our marketing plan outline created by Elizabeth Hansen and Brittany Symbalisty

Elizabeth Hansen

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Wedding Perfection

Wedding Perfection

Who we are:
Local service based out of Lethbridge, Alberta
We provide a way for brides to find a perfect match with wedding vendors
The concept:
Brides-to-be and other potential customers fill out a detailed online survey in order for us to determine the consumers needs, wants, demographics
From this we create a customized list of wedding vendors that are the best suited to work with based on quality and price Our mission:

The mission of Wedding Perfection is to provide both Brides and Vendors with a medium to connect with each other in a way that is not only economically feasible but also in a conveniently, customizable way Quick Facts about the Average Wedding
150,000 weddings annually $19,274 Age: 29.7 years Elizabeth Hansen
Brittany Symbalisty Consumer Analysis Demographic:
23-30 years old
Seeking creative edge not traditionalism
Photography and decor are important elements Economical:
Bride and Groom are financially independent
We provide a resource for brides with ideas, venues, and discounts
Wedding planners can cost between 1-20% of the budget Culture:
Multicultural country
Each has own set of beliefs and values that are individually catered to Competitive Analysis
Wedding Planners
#1 in the industry in regards to organizing and connecting the bride and groom to the industry Free Online Databases
Not monitored for quality, assurance, or existence Product:
Easy to use survey
Sample of a few customized results provided to customer based on answers Pricing: Basic Package - $25
Just results no discount
Silver Package - $50
Detailed results with a 10% discount Gold Package - $150
Complete results with a 25% discount Promotion Banner ads
Bridal Magazines
Bridal Shows
Social Networking Sites In Conclusion:
Wedding Perfection is a company that connects brides to wedding vendors
It's convenient, accessible and offered a relatively low price
Wedding Perfection is coming to a wedding near you!!
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