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Copy of Extended Project Presentation

The Caring Role of the Modern NHS nurse

Liv Millward

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Extended Project Presentation

The Caring Role of the Modern NHS Nurse By Olivia Millward Thank you!
Any Questions? 3 2 1 Recent speculation in the news My career choice Personal Interest Working Title Choosing My Topic Area Initial Thoughts and Expectations Planning

Prior advancements linked to modern nursing practice Focusing Initial Thoughts Primary Nursing Questionnaire and Email Correspondence
Secondary Articles and Publications

Research Key themes and findings Conclusions High demand for NHS services puts strain nurses Referencing Subsections Structure 1 Project Outcome Successes Evaluating 3 Footnotes based on Harvard Ref. Technique 4 main subsections further divided into smaller sub-topics 2 Dissertation – over 5000 words Meeting Deadlines 1 Questionnaire 2 Time Management Skills 3 Gains Failures Mindmapped various title ideas
The History of Nursing Professional Development would have been too long
Reference to Google Scholar Case studies in Nursing Times
College Lecture on Learning Disability Nursing
Video resources Books
Different definitions of ‘care’ and what it means as a nurse Uncertain future for the nurse’s caring role
Continual professional development
Care is adapted to the changing needs of society
Improved palliative care
Structuring my dissertation Referencing
Analysing research and comparing sources Reflecting on what I had achieved
Overall depth of dissertation How to go about writing an extended essay Setting individual targets
Correct referencing technique
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