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For One More Day

No description

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of For One More Day

Mitchell David "Mitch" Albom is an American best-selling author, journalist, screenwriter, dramatist, radio, television broadcaster and musician. His books have sold over 35 million copies worldwide.
Born: May 23, 1958 (age 55), Passaic, New Jersey, United States
Spouse: Janine Sabino (m. 1995)

Mitch Albom
Mitch Albom wrote for one more day based on his relashionship with his mother. Rhoda Albom was his mother. Mitch noticed that his mother will not always be there for him so he decided to write a book about their relashionship.
Why did he write the book?
Mitch Albom
In the story there were few characters in the story which were Charlie, Maria, Posey, Len, Catherine, Roberta, and miss Themla.
Charlie, as a kid had to chose between a daddy’s boy and a mommy’s boy. Charles Benetto As a kid, he was forced to choose between his parents “father or mother”. He is a strong, cocky athlete, muscular and tall; a good looking guy. Played Baseball, always took for granted his mother’s love and adore his dad.”
Chick and Posey
Maria Benetto known as Catherine and Charlie’s daughter. She was the one who made Charlie want to commit suicide because she excluded him from her own wedding.
Len and Maria
Catherine was Chick's wife and Maria's daughter. She kicked Charlie out of the house because of his actions.

Miss Themla was Charlie's maid, the was their neighbor too. She and Posey worked as maids togather.

Roberta was Charlie's sister. She was the one who saw posey die from a heart attack!
Roberta, Catherine and Miss Themla
For One More Day
The story, For One More Day written by Mitch Albom, has many conflicts.The main character is a boy who was closer to his father than his mother. His father then leaves and the boy's life crumbles. He loses his family and career due to alcoholism. He then becomes suicidal. While suicidal he decides to go to his childhood home and is surprisingly welcomed by his mother who died years earlier.
Turning Point
The turining point in the story is when Charlie's family forgave him and lived togather fir eight years>
The story, “For One More Day”, uses the first and third person point of view. The first person was when Charlie talked about himself, and the third person was when Maria, his daughter, was talking about him.
The title symbolizes something very important in the story. The title symbolized how much Charlie learned about his mother in one more day. Charlie learned about her moments in her life that he did not know such as before he was born and when he was born. An example when he was born, he did not know she used to clean people’s houses to make money after his father left them.
The setting of the story was at Pepperville Beach. Pepperville Beach was Charlie’s hometown. It was the place where he grew up and built good and bad memories about his life weather with family members or anyone else.
In the story, Mitch Albom used all types of imagery that are gustatory, auditory, olfactory, kinesthetic, and visual. Mitch used gustatory when Charlie was eating the breakfast that his mother made for him the morning after he did his car accident. Mitch used auditory when Charlie was hearing the police calling for him such as the time where his mother was dying someone else’s hair and the phone started ringing, Charlie started hearing the police calling him. Mitch used olfactory when he smelled the delicious breakfast that his mother made him the morning after his he crashed into a truck. Forth, Mitch used kinesthetic when he was feeling pain when Charlie crashed into the truck because he was not looking where he was going. Finally, Mitch used visual when Charlie was reading the prayer his mother carved onto a tree before he was born.

Mitch Albom’s style of writing was flashbacks. Mitch used flashbacks all the time when Charlie was remembering memories about himself when he was young while his mom was taking him on a tour around the neighborhood. Mitch Albom used flashbacks to show us the difference between the past and the present.

Mitch Albom's Biography
Mitch Albom was born may 23rd 1958 in Passaic, New Jersey, United States.
Hey grew up wanting to be a cartoonist and later wanted to be a musician.
He got his Bachelors degree in 1979 at braides university in wlatham Massachussts
He got his masters degree in journalism
After this he started a writing career
He worked as a freelance sports journalist
The visits he made to morrie led up to the book TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE. This was when Mitch got away from sports and started writing.

Posey was Charlie and Roberta’s mother, also known as Len’s ex-wife. According to studymode.com “Posey was Chick’s mother. She had large, almond-shaped eyes, dark and creamy complexion, indeed a very attractive and candid woman, whom after being abandoned by her husband, shortly after loses her nurse career, struggled to raise a family alone. She worked as hairdresser and had to clean apartments to support a family. She died at the age of 79 years of a heart attack.” Posey was always the strange person in the neighborhood because she got divorced and getting divorced was strange in that time.
Len Benetto known as Charlie’s father, Posey’s husband. Len was cheating on Charlie, Roberta, and Posey with another family
The story, “For One More Day”, uses the first and third person point of view. The first person was when Charlie talked about himself, and the third person was when Maria, his daughter, was talking about him. In addition to the point of view, many themes were applied in the story such as love, family, and mortality. The story started with the narrator explaining how Charlie became after his mother died. Since he became drunk his family kicked him out of the house and his daughter Maria cut him out of her life. Then eight years later, he got an envelope from his daughter. Inside the envelope, there pictures of her with her new husband. Charlie got mad for what he had done to himself. He decided to kill himself in his hometown since his wife doesn’t want him and his daughter didn’t invite him to her wedding. Charlie went to his car, went to the store, and bought bottles of alcohol. While driving, one of his bottles fell. While picking it up, he was not paying attention to the road when a truck crashed his car then became unconscious. When Charlie woke up, he still wanted to commit suicide and was on his way home. When he arrived, he held a gun and pointed it to his head. What do you think will happen next? Will Charlie see anyone?
Point Of View!
In the story “For One More Day” there were many themes such as love, family, never to give up, divorce, love of a mother, and mortality. The story had love when Charlie’s wife and daughter forgave him for all his actions that are being drunk and alcoholic. Second, the story had family as a theme too when Charlie’s dad had two families and only cared about the children that could play baseball and were good at it. Third, there is divorce. After Charlie’s parents got a divorce, Charlie changed from being a daddy’s boy to a mommy’s boy. Since his father left, Charlie considered his mother as the bad person in the family and always took her and her love for granted. Forth, there is the love of a mother. Although Charlie hated his mother and always took her and her love for granted, she always loved him so much. Fifth, there is mortality. Mortality is the main or central theme of the story. Morality is how people analyze to react to have the chance to have someone perhaps a relative back for one more day. Last but not least, there is never to give up. Charlie did not give up when he wanted to kill himself, he continued to walking home.
Mitch Albom used a strictly harshly tone. Mitch had to do the tone harsh or else the book will not be interesting bout will be boring
The genre of writing in the story is an autobiography rather than philosophical fiction.
The resolution is when he jumped off the water tower, at the bottom, he opened his eyes and saw his long-dead mother standing, wearing a lavender dress, waiting for him.”

All in all, the solution was that the whole family forgave Charlie for his actions being an alcoholic and a drunken man. After Maria did an interview with him, she knew the truth and wanted to continue her life with her father. Charlie was forgiven and he lived with his family for eight years before he had been gone.

There are two rising actions in the story. The first rising action is when Charlie received the wedding letter from his daughter excluding him from her wedding; the second rising action is when Charlie went back to his childhood home. Then he saw his long dead mother dead standing in front of him.


The ending was when Maria said these words: “My married name is Maria Lang. But before that I was Maria Benetto. Chick Benetto was my father. And if my father said it, I believe it.”

In my opinion, For One More Day was an amazing and fun book to read. It was full of themes weather they are slight or main. The book was full of symbols including the title. I strongly advise people to read For One More Day for its many life lessons and its interesting symbols. The story shows people especially children something which is very important but just don’t notice. This thing is the mother’s love towards its children. For One More Day shows us no matter what we do we NEVER give up. I believe that Mitch Albom did an amazing job writing this book. It is a huge success.

by: Mitch Albom

presented by: Elio Abdelnour
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