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English 10 Literature Circles

No description

Molly Pugh

on 23 April 2012

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Transcript of English 10 Literature Circles

English 10
Literature Circles All Quiet on
the Western Front Set during WWI, this novel tells the story of Paul Baumer and his fellow soldiers as they come to terms with the impact of war on themselves, their nation, and the world. Set in the south during the Civil Rights Movement, this novel captures the questions and challenges a young white girl must face after the death of her mother and under the guardianship of three black women. I Know Why
the Caged Bird Sings Written by Maya Angelou, this memoir captures her tumultuous childhood as she comes to terms with abuse, finding her identity, and overcoming adversity. Gail Tsukiyama's novel tells the story of a young girl in China who faces abandonment when she is sent off to work in the silk factories in China. There she must overcome many challenges due to the grueling work and her own dreams for the future. This novel relates the story of a young girl who begins high school an Outcast. This story captures what she must do to find her inner strength and overcome past tragedies and her place as an outcast among her peers. Ellen Foster is a young girl growing up in the South who must overcome abuse and neglect to find herself a loving foster home. Along the way she faces many challenges and must learn to fend for herself. This incredible novel tells the story of a family's struggles in South Africa as they face the breakdown of their family structure and tribal community. It is set just before and the rise of apartheid (a system of legal racial segregation) in South Africa which pitted Black Africans against fellow White Africans. Over the next few weeks you will be involved in Literature Circles (aka book groups). After selecting the novel of your choice, you'll be grouped together and given a series of tasks to complete both inside and outside of class. You will engage in discussions, analysis, and presentations as you build a shared understanding of your novel. Here are your options... This is the story of a young man, David Hayden, living in a small town in eastern Montana amidst a criminal investigation involving his father, the local sheriff, his uncle, the local doctor, other family members, and the local Indian tribe. It is a tale dealing with love and courage, what happens when power is abused, and how one may be forced to make the awful choice between family loyalty and justice. MONTANA 1948
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