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Ben Nichols

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of Final

Double click anywhere & add an idea This is the modern microscope! This is the modern microscope 3 Test Subjects:
Novice- Criminal Justice Major- Sophmore

Intermediate- Psychology Major- Junior

Expert- Biology/ Pre Med Major- Senior Objective:
Present three test subjects the exact same document describing the location of various parts of a microscope. Following this, the subjects were asked to perform the steps listed on the original document.
Results Novice Skills Test Score: 8/15
Time of Completion: 13 minutes Score: 12/15
Time of Completion: 3 minutes Score: 15/15
Time of Completion: 1 minute 25 seconds Rhetorical Situation Purpose
Create a document for introductory level college students to help them understand the parts and uses of a compound microscope. Audience
Primary- college students enrolled in an intro bio course.

Secondary- Instructors, TA's, lab assistants.
Our document will be part of a chapter describing the basic uses and parts of a compound microscope within a introductory biology lab manual. Methods Testing Example Test Direction 1:
Get microscope while supporting the base and the arm.

Example Test Direction 2:
Turn power on/off.
Designing the first document Intermediate Skills Test Expert Skills Test Feedback
Redesign "The picture doesn't match the one I'm using!" wrong!!!!!!! Right! "Not everything is labeled that we are supposed to use." "The directions are not very descriptive." "Pictures of each step would be helpful." A Better Approach... Revised document clearly states objectives. The document is more visually appealing. Document is more appropriate for target audience Labels for parts are more clearly labeled. Parts not used in the exercise have not been labeled. The correct microscope has replaced the original example microscope. Steps are more precise and clear. Each step has a corresponding picture. Level of detail better suited for a biology lab manual. Conclusion
Discussion VS Microscope
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