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Water, Soil and Energy in Colombia

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Matheo Sanchez

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of Water, Soil and Energy in Colombia

Conservation Of Water
Some Institutions such as CVC and the CI are working for the conservatio of water in Colombia.
They are working with communities near rivers to get them to protect the valuable recourse.Also they asign guards to the rivers.
Its strategy to protect water is to protect and restore water sources.
Colombia is a country where the water is a abundant recourse.The Main Activities in which colombian use water are:
- Recreation
- Domestic Use
- Hydro Electricity
- Food Cooking
- Crop Irrigation
Uses Of Soil In Colombia

Colombia is a country rich in recourses which in them we have the soil, here you´ll find some uses of soil in Colombia:
- Agriculture
- Pastures
- Primary Forest Land
Problems with Energy in Colombia
People In Colombia uses way too much energy making everytime more scarce the quality of water and everytime getting less and less fossil fuels.
Possible Solutions:
Try to use less consuming energy sources like wind power or solar energy.
Never leaving Tv´s, Pc or conditionate air on when your not at house.
Even do its abundant all the problems can make it scarce.In colombia they have basic problems which are:
Water Contamination
Water Over use
Possible Solutions
Making People to stop throw grabage or other stuff to water
Stop over use of water: Close the key while you brush your teeth etc.

Basic Problems with Soil In Colombia
The Basic Problems with soil in colombia are:
. Soild Quality reduction by overuse of pesticides
. Soil Erosion
Even do there´s not a lot of basic problems, they affect in a big size the soil of Colombia.
Possible Solutions:
Stop the Over use of perticides dont use them to play. Try to don´t do things that can contribute to the quality go down.
Water, Soil and Energy in Colombia
Main Uses Of Water In Colombia
Basic Problems Of Water In Colombia
Conservation Of Soil
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