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E-waste in Guiyu,China

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Renhe Quirion-Currie

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of E-waste in Guiyu,China

Electronic Waste Chain in China
How does this affect society?
E-waste in Guiyu, China has many impacts on peoples health.
The workers who work devoted to cleaning up the e-waste are being poisoned by toxic and poisoned materials. Eighty-eight percent of the workers are children suffering from air poisoning for very little money.
How does this affect the environment?
E- waste in Guiyu,China has an large effect on the environment. The soil in Guiyu has been saturated with lead, chromium, tin, and other heavy metals.Discarded electronics lie in pools of toxins that leak into the groundwater, making the water so polluted that the water is undrinkable,the pollution has also made Guiyu unable to grow crops for food.
How does this affect the economy?
E-waste in Guiyu, China affects the economy positively and negatively.E-waste increases access to technology and raw materials, also e-waste plays an important role in job creation. With the increasing number of e-waste Guiyu, China has to deal with environmental damage and health problems. 60% of the e-waste is processed in informal recycling centres by unskilled and ill workers.
Our solution
Things you as humans can do to improve further dangers that won't affect future generations is to build more effective recycling plants and provide the proper equipment to handle the electronics without risks and that would properly dispose of this waste without harming the water quality.Although this would likely cost more money, this would save money for the future of not having to clean up a giant wasteland and thus saves for future generations.
E-waste in Guiyu,China
Guiyu,China is the world's biggest e-waste site.Over 40 million tons of electronic waste is sent to China in order to be disposed and dismantled.Many of this waste is sent from Developed World countries and is sent mostly illegally. With only $ 1 USD in pay wage many workers,adults and children,are burdened with the task of sorting through tons of old computers,laptops,cellphones and are at risk of lead poisoning and undrinkable water.
By three super,epic,major aliens:Serena, Renhe and Aaron
Developed World

Developed City
People sorting through trashed computers
Hello,We are here to talk to you about the tragic state your world has come too. We recently landed in Guiyu ,China so instead of annihilating you we decided to investigate this landfill...your welcome. Let's Begin!
Piles of electronic waste
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