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No description

Lucy Clevenger

on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of KPOP

By Michelle Nam, Yuki Chan, and Lucy Clevenger

"Fantastic Baby" by BIGBANG
English Translation & Lyrics

Jump at the sound of your heartbeat till this comes to an end yeah
I Can’t Baby Don’t Stop This
Just go corrupt today (go crazy and rave) let’s go
Wow Fantastic Baby
Dance I Wanna Dan Dan Dan Dan Dance Fantastic Baby
Dance I Wanna Dan Dan Dan Dan Dance Wow Fantastic Baby
Boomshakalaka Boomshakalaka Boomshakalaka Dan Dan Dan Dan Dance

"I Got a Boy" by Girls' Generation
Akdomg Musician (AKMU)- Melted
Formed in 2006 by YG Entertainment
Predominantly a hip hop group
Consists of 5 members
Their latest album, 2012's Alive, became the first Korean album to chart on the Billboard 200
Members wear makeup and have much longer/colored hair (more so than American male singers) --> showing more femininity
Members are shown separately, in separate parts of the video --> displays them as individuals, even though they are in a group together
Some are wearing very elaborate outfits, while others are lacking clothing
Girl's Generation
Coordinated their dances so they are all in sync to one another
Music is catchy and upbeat to appeal to the desired audience: teens
Colors are bright and flashy to attract attention and create a lasting impression
Dances are unique for each song so viewers can recognize song by them
Majority of the chorus is in English, while the rest of the song is primarily Korean
Compare to America - almost everything is in English, with some rare Spanish thrown in - never any Korean,Chinese, Japanese etc.
Direct tie to music video - both about rising up and fighting
Formed in 2007 by S.M. Entertainment
Previously had 9 members, now consists of 8 members
Didn't gain popularity until their single "Gee" was released in 2009 which became the most popular song of the decade in South Korea
"The blue ocean that the red sun used to wash its face
I look at the past warmth that is deeply buried (too late get it out)
I wish the cold in the world of adults would be gone too
I wish the frozen love will melt away now

I leave the darkness that finds my heart
Even the cold shadow that covers the night starts to harden

If the ice melts, a warmer song would have come out
But why is the ice so cold? Why is it so cold?"

Akdong Musician
Brother and sister duo (born in 1996 and 1999 respectively)
Became famous from K-POP STAR Season 2
Under YG Entertainment
Their album "Play" placed 2nd on Billboard's World Albums chart
Lived in Mongolia for 2 years before coming back to Korea and entering K-POP STAR
More English Translations
English Translation
Beginning of Song

Ayo! GG! Yeah Yeah
shall we start?
Gosh! Look at her, look
What happened to her that she cut her hair? Huh?
Gosh! Again look at her, look!

From head to toe, her style has changed
Why did she do that? I’m curious to death
Why did she do that? Tell me

I got a boy,
a handsome one
I got a boy
a kind one

I got a boy

handsome boy
, who took all my heart

I got a boy,

a handsome one!
I got a boy
, a kind one!

I got a boy awesome boy
, I must have really fallen for him

Ah, my prince! When are you gonna come save me?
Will you lift me in your arms and fly, like a white dream?
The girls gossiping about others' outer appearances is very stereotypical.
The conversation-like lyrics help to exaggerate the stereotypical gossip amongst girls
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