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Seattle World's Fair

No description

Chris Santos

on 12 June 2017

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Transcript of Seattle World's Fair

It is 1962 in Seattle, WA. There is excitement all around as people get their first looks at the Seattle World’s Fair, from April through October, 1962. My name is Matt and I am 13 years old and I live in Seattle with my parents and my brother. Today, we are going to the World’s Fair and I will get to ride the monorail and go up the Space Needle
We picked up a flyer the other day which gave me a lot more information and I saw that there were quite a few different areas which will have cool exhibits:

• World of Science
• World of Century 21 (also known as World of Tomorrow)
• World of Commerce and Industry
• World of Art
• World of Entertainment

I have saved up my money to buy something from the souvenir shops and hopefully some ice cream.

President John F. Kennedy opened the fair on April 21st 1962, by telephone from Florida where he and the First Lady are on vacation for Easter.

Seattle World's Fair
We watched the Space Needle being constructed and each day it got higher and higher. They say it is now 605 ft tall!! Wow. It has a rotating restaurant at the top – how amazing is that. I believe there isn’t a higher building this side of the Mississippi.
1962 Seattle, WA
We arrived bright and early but already there was a huge line to get in. We waited patiently with great excitement as to what we were going to see and experience.

Once inside, we were given a map and planned our day. The first place we voted to go was the World of Science.

The World of Science included a NASA exhibit which had many models of various satellites as well as the Project Mercury Capsule that had carried Alan Shepard into Space – that was so exciting to see. We then watched a short film ‘The House of Science’ then carried on to exhibits on mathematics, astronomy, atomic science and genetics. The ‘Spacearium’ which can hold up to 750 people, was so cool and took us on a simulated voyage through the Milky Way and the solar system. I would really like to do that one again

The World of Commerce and Industry had a lot of interesting exhibits but the simulated space flight and the car of the future, the Ford Seattle-ite XXI was by far my favorite. I found out an interesting fact that the world’s first service station opened in Seattle in 1907.
Next, my Dad really wanted to see the World of Tomorrow.
The World of Century 21 (World of Tomorrow) is a 20 minute tour of the future. The best part for me was riding in the ‘Bubbleator’ into the World of Tomorrow which had exhibits from a fallout shelter to a ‘city of the future’ which showed us a monorail and high speed air cars on an electrically controlled highway.

My Dad and I share a love of cars and we had heard that there was a new model being shown by Ford in the World of Commerce and Industry so that would definitely be our next stop.

It was definitely time for some ice cream, so we traveled off to find some. Vanilla is my favorite and my brother’s is chocolate. Mmmmm it was very yummy.

Next my Mom wanted to go to the World of Art, which I thought would be pretty boring.The World of Art had over 50 American artist’s paintings, which I will admit, were quite interesting. The additional exhibition had Picasso’s and Rembrandt’s (which I remember from school) and were interesting to see face to face. There was a whole separate area given just to American Indian art – I thought that was the best part of the art exhibit.
My Mom was very excited to hear that Elvis was going to be around the Fair and was desperate to spot him, but in all those crowds (estimated 10,000), I don’t think she has a chance!! We headed over to the World of Entertainment to see if there was any sign of him there.

The World of Entertainment is going to have a boxing championship and an international twirling competition. No sign of Elvis, although he is shooting his new movie here – ‘It Happened at the World’s Fair’.
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