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Dust Bowl

No description

Sarah Koon

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Dust Bowl

Dust Bowl
The dust bowl happened in the year of 1930-1938. It occured in the western parts, It did not effect the northern parts, That's what attracted strangers to California.
abiotic factors
Dust, wind, soil, animals, Lack of rainfall

biotic factors
Over grazing, Farmers were reusing the same land, Which caused crop failure.
The people that migrated to California, Couldn't get any jobs. That caused an over crowd in California. They had no where to go, So they made shantytowns, They called this shantytown hooverville
Farmers over grazed the land, And reusing it, That caused the land to be extreamely loose and dry, It also caused the soil to lose the nutrients in it. when the wind blew, It picked up the soil and blew it all across the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, and kansas.
How it happened
effects of the dust bowl
The dust bowl caused pneumonia in children, There was no rain so there was crop failure, farm animals would suffocate from all the dust, even humans died from inhaling too much of the dust.
Before drawing
after drawing
In 1930, the rain fall went down 30%, in 1934, the rain fall went down 50%.
The dust bowl
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