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Aiyana McElroy

The Franklin Stove

Pete Regeski

on 30 January 2018

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Transcript of Aiyana McElroy

The Franklin Stove
Benjamin Franklin's Birth: January 17th, 1706
Day of Death: December 5th,1879
Education: Boston Latin School 1714-1715
Work History: Sold Products, Worked as a editor and printer, and invented along with experimenting.

The Franklin Stove:
Date Invented:The Franklin Stove was invented in 1741.
What is it?: It was a metal lined fireplace
Purpose: It's purpose was to transfer the heat into the rooms hair with less smoke in the room as well.
How It Works
The Smoke and ash would be carried, first downward, then up the chimney. This would make less of the heat leave with the smoke when it escapes.
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