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O2L Days of the week

This showed all the boys and there day of the week

makenzie skye

on 9 November 2014

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Transcript of O2L Days of the week

" I'm weird,you're weird.
Lets get marred."
Connor's day of the week is
Connor Franta
" I get enjoyment by laughing at myself."
Ricky's day of the week is
Ricky Dillion
" The people who mind matter don't mind & the people who mind don't matter."
Kian's day of the week is
Kian Lawley (KIKI)
" YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! If you think this isn't about you, It's about YOU."
Sam's day of the week is
Sam Pottorff
O2L Days of the week
" I swear i have some of the most clueless friends ever, it is ridiculous how clueless they are."
- Ricardo
Ricardo's day or the week is
Ricardo Ordieres
Jc Caylen
" Dream about it, then go out and live it."
Jc's day of the week is
" I love Belive Acoustics,Sorry haters."
Trevor Morans day of the week is
Trevor Moran
By Makenzie Lawley
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