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Yellowstone National Park

There is much wildlife and sights in Yellowstone National Park. Watch and Enjoy!

Quinn Corbin

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Yellowstone National Park

Written by:
Quinn I. Corbin Yellowstone
National Park Yellowstone is located in the Western United
States. The main location of Yellowstone is in Wyoming, but also extends to Montana and Idaho. Where is
Yellowstone? This amazing national park called Yellowstone has many amazing specialties. One thing that Yellowstone consists of is the fact that it was a large volcano that is still active. Also it is so peculiar because it was one of the largest volcanoes and is still active, so for all we know it could still erupt! What is so peculiar
about Yellowstone? As you know, Yellowstone National Park consists of much wildlife. This video shows what the wildlife do, and what type of wildlife there is. It's the wildlife of
Yellowstone! Wolves are very special in Yellowstone. Wolves in Yellowstone Bison in the Yellowstone region have a great part in their history! Bison in Yellowstone Are the Grizzly Bears in Yellowstone safe,dangerous, and what do they do? It has been know that there has been many accidents with the Grizzly Bears. Grizzly Bears! What is Yellowstone? Yellowstone is a national park, and one of the first. One main attraction of Yellowstone is Old Faithful Geyser. Super volcano, is what many say Yellowstone is. Yellowstone National Park consists of much wildlife, and is still an active volcano. The Tower Falls are located in Yellowstone. There are parts of the falls known as, the upper and lower falls. Both parts of the falls can be seen from several different views. Tower Falls comes from the rock pinnacles at the top of the fall. "The sight is amazing," say many. The falls have been renamed by the U.S. Quake Lake
Quake Lake was created when a huge landslide blocked the flow of the Madison River. The blockage from the river caused the water to rise which is how this lake formed. Though there was many accidents that happened, the earthquake part only lasted 30-40 seconds. Tower Falls - The upper and Lower Resources: Super Volcano This is an outlook on the Super Volcano.It
is a Super Volcano because of how large of a
volcano it is. Just Yellowstone This picture shows the Bison roaming around in Yellowstone National Park. It is also showing how Yellowstone looks, and seems! The tragedies of the disaster... While this temendous disaster was happening, people were camping and were swept away. Old Faithful Inn had damage, so the guests were evacuated. Even Butte, Bozeman, and more were hurt. Telephone communication was knocked out in Bozeman, as well as M.S.U. having sustained damage. Butte was caused to have a pendulum clock stop and caused minor damage to homes. Fountain Paint Pots of Yellowstone National Park Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone National Park also has another spectacular feature. This feature is known as the Fountain Paint Pots. The Fountain Paint Pots consist of several springs, pools, geysers, a fumarole, and the Fountain Paint Pot its self! It is a 0.5 mile boardwalk. As you are walking along you will see many features of Yellowstone's volcanism. The Fountain Paint Pots are located within Lower Geyser Basin! The Trail This is an image of the nature trail, known as the Fountain Paint Pots. It shows the nature that surrounds the trail, and the spectacular sight that many people see. Along with many other attractions in Yellowstone lies the one attraction that has been in Yellowstone for thousands of years, Mammoth Hot Springs. Mammoth Hot Springs was formed thousands of years ago, and is still in Yellowstone. On Mammoth Hot Springs there are step-like terraces. There are many Hot springs on the hill of travertine. In this photo you can see that there
is the step-like terraces. There are many
in this photo. You know what you are looking
for because the terraces look like steps ex-
actly! The Terraces http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mammoth_Hot_Springs


And many more video's and more on reasearch.
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