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Smog In China

No description

briana gutierrez

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Smog In China

Smog In China
The term "smog" was first in London during the early 1900's to describe the combination of smoke and smog that blanketed the city. according to several the first term was coined by Dr Henry Antoine Des Veoux in his paper smog and smoke which he presented at a meeting of the public health congress in july 1905
Our Opinion
Smog has been a big problem in Beijing china.We want to try and stop it. We can stop smog by using less cars and factories
Here is a photo
By: Briana,Giselle,Nicole
What is smog
How does smog affect daily life?
Because of the effects of ozone on your lungs smog exposure may led to different types of short-term health problems: coughing and throat irritation :high level of ozone can irritate you respiratory system.

How did smog get it's name?
How does it effect us in the U.S. A
Ozone forming chemicals produced in eastern china have been drifting across the Pacific to the western
United States , according to anew study.The pollution has combined with ozone released by natural process to cancel out many of the gains from stricter pollution controls recently enacted in the United States , according to a new study.
Smog is fog or haze combined with atmospheric pollutants.Smog has been affecting Beijing China.Smog is a type of air pollution.
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