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Eye Defects-gp8 (8),(18),(28),(38)

No description

Jas Wong

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Eye Defects-gp8 (8),(18),(28),(38)

Eye Defects cataract causes symptoms Short Sight Long Sight Astigmatism symptoms causes treatment cannot see a near object clearly the eyeball is too short so that the lens cannot become round enough
a cornea that is too thin with convex lenses in eyeglasses
contact lenses can't focus on distant objects, making them look blurred. symptoms heritage our parents inborn problem(Babies who are born earlier than usual and who are underweight at birth) eye balls are too long treatmant wearing glasses or contact lenses Laser refractive surgery Treatmant related video: causes,symptoms related
video: video related: the cornea has irregular curvature. The tendency to develop astigmatism is inherited. cause treatment Pescription lenses will be needed for clear and comfortable vision. Refractive surgery may be able to correct some forms of astigmatism. Distortion or blurring of images at all distances. Have Headache and fatigue. Squinting and eye discomfort or irritation video related to treatment: the video of causes: symptoms contours, shadows and color vision are less vivid causes long-term exposure to ultraviolet light treatments Eye drops containing acetyl-carnosine what is cataracts? surgery for cataracts patients exposure to radiation secondary effects of diseases advanced age, or trauma a result of denaturation of lens protein. Genetic factors and positive family history Exposure to microwave radiation iodine deficiency an absent red reflex similar to the symptoms of ocular citrosis Insertion of an artificial lens
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